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Guide to getting Canada Permanent Residency Application Processed faster under Express Entry System

How to Get Canada Permanent Residency Application Processed under Express Entry System

Canada, 23rd December: Here is a complete guide to getting Canada permanent residency application processed faster under Express Entry System.

Guide to getting Canada Permanent Residency Application Processed faster
Canada Permanent Residency Application

The process of getting Canada permanent residency is time consuming and somewhat complex. Individuals can apply under any of the six categories for Canada permanent residency.

Express Entry System CRS Points are falling -Now with about 350 Points too, you can expect ITA.

EXPRESS ENTRY SYSTEM—Let us see how to immigrate to Canada as a skilled worker through Express Entry. Skilled immigrants are chosen as permanent residents on the basis of their ability to settle in Canada and take part in Canada economy.

Highlights of Express Entry System

  • One can get additional points for studying in Canada.
  • You need a valid job offer for one year. Some offers of job don’t need an LMIA.
  • There are changes in the number of points for having a job offer.
  • There is a period of 90 days(rather than 60 days) for applying.

Express Entry changes and its impact on you--Let us know about Express Entry changes and its impact on you. If you have received an invitation to apply, then you will not be affected by any of the following changes.

Changes to Express Entry system

  • Points for a job offer have been changed. Now, you get a total of 50 points if you possess a valid offer of job in NOC O, A or B occupation. You can get a total of 200 points if you possess a valid offer of job in a NOC OO occupation.
  • An offer of job only needs to be for not less than one year from the time till you become Canada permanent resident.
  • You can get CRS points for studying in Canada above high school. You can get 15 points for one/two year diploma/certificate. You can get 30 points for a degree/diploma/certificate of three years/longer/Master’s, professional/doctoral degree of not less than one academic year.
  • You will have increased time for completing a Canada permanent residence application if you receive an invitation to apply. Applicants now have 90 days to apply for Canada permanent residence (rather than 60 days).
  • You don’t need an LMIA for certain qualifying job offers for getting CRS points and points for arranged employment under Federal Skilled Worker Class. Many in Canada on an LMIA exempt work permit shall be allowed to carry the same LMIA exemption under Express Entry, including the following—
    • under a federal-provincial agreement;
    • under the North America Free Trade Agreement
    • under Mobilite Francophone; or
    • Are an intra-company transferee.

The only requirement is fulfilling certain criteria, like having not less than one year work experience from same employer who is giving them job offer.

If you think that you might be affected by the recent changes to Express Entry, then you must do the following—

  1. Log into your online account and make changes to your Express Entry profile by answering new question added to the process.
  2. After updating your profile, your score will be updated by the CRS(Comprehensive Ranking System. )

Invitations to apply—This will start in the coming few weeks. It will give time to those affected by recent changes to change their Express Entry profile. Changes to CRS scores shall be made before the next invitation round.

Express Entry System manages applications for Canada permanent residence under the following federal economic immigration programs-

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program;
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program; and
  • Canadian Experience Class.

Canada territories and Canada provinces can hire candidates from Express Entry process through PNPs (Provincial Nominee Programs) for filling local labor market requirements.

Steps for Express Entry system—

  1. Potential candidates must complete an online Express Entry profile. This is a secure form used for providing information about following—
    • Work experience
    • Skills
    • Education
    • Language ability
    • Other details needed for their assessment.

Those fulfilling the criteria of any one of the federal immigration streams mentioned above shall be accepted in the pool of candidates.

Anyone not having a job offer supported by LMIA(Labor Market Impact Assessment)(provided if you need any) or a nomination from any Canada province/territory, need to register with ESDC(Employment and Social Development Canada’s Job Bank. Job Bank shall help Express Entry candidates get connected with eligible Canada employers.

Candidates must promote themselves to all employers in other ways. This could be by using recruiters or job boards.

One need to know that there is no LMIA fee for Canada permanent residence applications.

  1. Highest ranking candidates in the pool shall be invited to apply for Canada permanent residence. Candidates shall get ranked against others in the pool. This shall be done using a point-based system known as CRS. Points are offered using information in the profile of applicants.

Candidates having highest scores in the pool shall get an invitation to apply. Points will be given for following factors—

  • Skills and experience; and/or
  • A job offer, and/or
  • A nomination from any territory or province.

Candidates can get additional points for having the following—

  • A valid job offer, or
  • Qualifying education in Canada;
  • A nomination by territory or province.

These additional points may make a candidate highly ranked to get invitation to apply at any next eligible round of invitations.

90 days are available after getting invitation to apply for submission of an online application for Canada permanent residence.

Processing Times- Canada immigration department shall process most of complete applications in a period of six months or lesser. Candidates can be allowed to stay in the pool for up to one year.

They can submit a new profile if they don’t get an invitation to apply for Canada permanent residence within 12 months of submission of an Express Entry profile. They can re-enter the pool (subject to fulfilling eligibility requirements) to prevent any backlogs and have quick processing.

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