Manitoba Immigration Strategy for 2017 outlined

Canada announces New Manitoba immigration Strategy for 2017

Canada , 23rd December: Aspiring immigrants to Manitoba will be thrilled to hear about Manitoba immigration strategy for 2017 and the changes incorporated there in.

New Manitoba immigration strategy outlined for 2017
New Manitoba immigration strategy outlined for 2017

Government of Manitoba has unveiled a new Labor Market Strategy for the year 2017. This has been done through MPNP(Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program). Manitoba is very popular immigration destination for newcomers. That’s due to increasing job opportunities along with a higher living standard.

Manitoba will nominate now skilled worker with Job Offer on Priority.

Nominees to be matched with Priority Requirement- As per the details, the new immigration strategy of Manitoba shall match nominees with priority requirements of labor market. So, it will be nominating skilled workers having a job offer on a priority basis, but it shall also nominate some even without any job offer too. This group will be matched to employment after they come to Manitoba.

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What is the need for new Manitoba immigration strategy?—The new immigration strategy of Manitoba is released a couple of months after a new government took over in this province in April 2016. There is an ongoing requirement for immigrant skilled workers having occupation-specific and sector-specific skills. This is as per the Labor market estimates for 2016-2022. There is also a requirement for entrepreneurs wiling to set up businesses leading to job creation in this province.

167,700 new job openings predicted in Manitoba—In the coming years, as many as 167,700 new job openings are predicted in Manitoba. These job openings will be from expansion as well as from replacement of current workers. And the great news for immigrants is that nearly 25 percent of this increasing demand shall be met by new immigrants.

Majority of job openings shall need workers having skill-sets and training for the jobs in Manitoba. The sectors that are predicted to have highest demand are business and finance, traders and transportation, health, and sales and service.

Increased Manitoba immigration targets for 2017—The federal government has revealed increased immigration targets in its 2017 immigration level plans. This has been done through economic categories. Target of the federal government is to increase immigration levels over the coming times. Its being hoped that Manitoba shall be able to increase its nominations in the coming years as well.

Manitoba wants to move MPNP to make it a demand-driver model on the basis of performance assessment and better labor market details.

Other upcoming Manitoba immigration changes in 2017

  • A non-refundable fee of $500 shall be introduced for processing applications for those getting an invitation to apply to the MPNP as a skilled worker.
  • This fee shall be for candidates draws from Expression of Interest pool and invited to submit a duly complete application to the MPNP.
  • New nomination program improvements and pathways shall be launched by the government after April 2017.


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