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Overseas Students in Canada can avail work permit for their spouse

There has been a keen knack seen recently among the international students to come to  Canada for pursuing advanced studies in the renowned Universities of this country. A major confusion remains in their mind whether they are allowed to bring their spouse or partner with them or not and whether their spouse will be issued any work permit to be employed in Canada at the same time as they would be studying.

Well, the answer to this question is pretty positive. The International students bringing their spouse or partner with them to Canada can enable their better half to work in the country by availing a work permit which is generally issued for a limited period.

A spouse of an internal student in Canada is also entitled to work in Canada provided the international student is a full time student at post secondary college or is a student in university that receives 50% of its support from Government grants

Immigrant students can enable their spouses to work in Canada with work permit
Immigrant students can enable their spouses to work in Canada with work-permit

Spouse or partner of immigrant students can apply for a work permit before or after arriving in Canada. However, for this, the student needs to be eligible depending on few terms. He/ She needs to be a full-time student at a public post-secondary college or university or collège d’enseignement général et professionnel (CEGEP) in Quebec, or a student of a private post-secondary business school or, institution which operates under the similar regulations alike a public institution, and receives at least 50% of its financial support for its overall operations from the government’s grants or a person who is enrolled in a Canadian private institution authorized by provincial statute to confer degrees for his her studies. However, spouse or partner  doesn’t require a job offer or any opportunity option to apply for a work permit, he or she can avail a job after getting the work permit as well.

Usually, this work permit for the spouse stays valid till the study permit lasts for the student. Although, in most cases, spouse/partners primarily come to the country with a visitor’s visa. Thereafter, they apply for a work permit after getting into Canada. However, there are exceptions as well. In some instances, Canada’s visa issuing offices in other countries process spouse’s work permit application along with the study permit application. In those cases,  applicants will require paying an additional charge to complete both the application. The work permit application is also available on the Consulate’s website.

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