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Refused Visa to US? No Worries- How to reapply and get US Visa

Facing trouble due to visa refusal? There are various reasons which could lead to the refusal/denial of the visa and the applicant is notified of the section of law which applies to such rejection.


What is Visa Refusal?

Visa refusal refers to denial of granting visa to an applicant by the Consular officer. This is mainly due to the following reasons:

  • Incomplete information provided by an applicant.
  • The applicant falls under the ineligibilities of the visa laws.
  • An applicant does not comply with the requirements of a particular visa category.

How to overcome the refusal?

You can always reapply for your visa even if it has been rejected. If the visa is rejected due to incomplete documents or information (221g) then you can submit the remaining documents within the prescribed time without the need to reapply for the visa. However, if an applicant is refused visa because he could not satisfy the consular officer of his strong relationship with home country that would compel him to leave the foreign country after his visit (214(b)) then a fresh application is to be applied for. Thus, the whole process of applying for visa needs to be started all over again if a visa is rejected under 214(b).

Can you reapply for a visa and when?

Yes, anytime and whenever you want.

What are strong ties?

Ties, in this context, refer to the bond an individual shares with his/her home country. It includes a person’s possession, their home, job and family that resides in his/her home country.

Ties are analysed while considering your visa application by Consular officer to determine whether the applicant has reasons to go back to his home country after his visit to the foreign country or not.

Is denial under Section 214 (b) permanent?

No, the denial is not permanent. If you have additional information that was not available earlier or there are major changes in your conditions since the last application, you may reapply for the visa by repeating the whole process.

How long any refused applicant has to wait before reapplying?

There is no time limit on re submission of an application after a refusal. If additional documents are available with the applicant, which were not provided by him earlier, he may resubmit the application.

Can a high ranking official like congressmen/senator help by contacting the consulate if a visa application is denied?

No. The responsibility of issuance and rejection or denial of visa application rests with the consular officer. Involvement of any higher authority would not help and the only solution to reversal of prior denial is presenting new and convincing proofs of strong ties.

Should I use a travel agent or other advisor to help me apply?

One does not need to hire a travel agent for applying visa. Agents charge money for filling out the forms which you can do on your own. Also, these forms are available for free. There are times when advisors guide you with the way you should answer at your interviews. This might be a wrong decision on part of the applicant as interviews are personal and you can never be perfectly prepared for it. It’s better to answer the facts rather than trying to confuse the interviewer with different answers than what he is asking.


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