Why are Canadian Immigrants surrendering their Permanent Resident Status?

There is something wrong in Canadian Immigration System that noticeable numbers of Canadian Immigrants are surrendering their Permanent Residence Status


Immigration and Permanent Resident Status have always been a matter of high repute globally; not to forget that the pros and cons decide whether it is a boon or a curse. Over the years, Canada has seen a lot many aspirants applying for immigration to Canada and further more for Permanent Resident status but what stays hidden is that a lot many immigrants have been surrendering their permanent resident status and moving back to their own countries.

The process to give up permanent resident status in Canada has picked up pace over time and the number of immigrants applying for the same has increased manifold. There has really been no fuss about the entire process and no publicity done as well. This voluntary procedure to surrender the permanent resident status by the immigrants resulted in attracting numerous applications since its inception in 2014.

In recent times, more and more numbers of immigrants are opting to return back. What is making these immigrants who immigrated after long wait and paying heavy costs to come back?

If news is to be believed then in the year 2015, more than 5200 applications were received from immigrants who wanted to give up their permanent resident status and not even 0.5% were rejected. Whether it is the efficacy with which the procedure is carried out or the urge for immigrants to surrender their permanent resident status, the outcome is a huge outflow from Canada off late.

Probable reasons

In the absence of concrete evidence and reports, what can be considered to be the reasons behind the sudden increase in surrender applications are either the fate of the immigrants’ dreams till date or the laws in their home country for dual citizenship. Moreover this renunciation program simplified the overall procedure for especially those immigrants who were no more willing to stay in Canada for long.

The outcomes

There was no such provision available with such immigrants wherein they could voluntarily renounce their permanent resident status. But now, there is a legislative procedure very well in place to voluntarily give up your PR status without any hassles of getting your status renewed when you no more desire to stay there. Moreover, in case someone was unable to fulfill the legislative requirements then he had to be thrown out however now he/she need not pass through this humiliation process and he/she can exit using this mechanism at hand.

This initiative has undoubtedly made it easier for those immigrants to give up their permanent resident status who had no alternative except to leave Canada for good. However one will lose out on all the benefits offered to permanent residents and will be merely treated as foreigners. The movement also becomes barred since you are just any other foreigner for them.

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