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Immigrant settlement services in Canada that can help you settle faster

Moving to Canada? Know how immigrant settlement services in Canada can be beneficial for you.

The immigrant settlement services in Canada are for the newcomers who want to kick start their career and lives in Canada. Immigration is a hard and stressful task. It may take immigrants a lot of time to settle in a new country on their own. As a newcomer immigrant may not know where to go and whom to approach. These services help the immigrants to settle and start a new life in Canada.

The immigrant settlement services in Canada include following courses:

Note: The immigrant settlement services in Canada are free and always confidential. Most of the settlement agencies have multilingual staff. If you go to a settlement agency and they don’t have the language or services you are looking for- they will help you find the best-suited agency in any of the following areas

1 Interpretations and translations of documents, or help to arrange these services.

2 Providing information regarding community services like schools and health care.

3 Providing guidance in finding job and training.

4 Training in English as a Second Language (ESL) classes.

5 Providing helps in filling out forms and applications.

A brief on the immigrant settlement services in Canada and how it can help you to adjust faster-

Pre-arrival consultation: This is a 60 minute Q&A session- in person or via phone call. They listen to all your queries and help you with them. Queries answered by them are as under-

  • General information about the city you will reside in.
  • The cost of living in your city of destination- including housing, transportation and daily expenses.
  • Schooling related queries.
  • Employment related queries.
  • Banking and credit card queries.
  • List of goods to be carried on arrival or at a later date.
Immigrant Settlement Services in Canada help you settle faster in Canada. These also you find jobs and provide trainings too
Immigrant Settlement Services in Canada help you settle faster in Canada. These also you find jobs and provide trainings too

Buying health insurance: The health insurance depends on which territory or province you decide to make your new home. You have to wait for some time till you get eligible for public health insurance. Besides this, a private health insurance is also available which includes dental care, private hospital rooms, the cost of prescription drugs etc.

Airport pickup and transportation: One of the biggest concerns of a new immigrant is transport facility at the time of arrival. These services will give any immigrant a peace of mind on their arrival as a private company will be waiting for them at the airport to welcome them to Canada, carry their luggage and transfer them to a pre-arranged accommodation.

Temporary housing: The temporary house will be fully furnished with facilities like high-speed internet, washer dryer, fully equipped kitchen etc.

Registrations: This is an important part of your residency and settlement in Canada. The services will take care of matters like- health card, child tax benefit and SIN (Social Insurance Number).

Employment services: Theses services will help you find a mentor, building a suitable resume, online job search tool, referring to Government programs and classes etc.

Other initial settlement activities: Other immigrant settlement services in Canada may include- Making bank account, getting a credit card, renting a car, buying a car, tours etc.


“Our government is focused on creating jobs and promoting economic growth while ensuring all newcomers have access to services and programs that guarantee their successful integration in Canada” Chris Alexander, Canada’s Citizenship and Immigration Minister

Facts about the immigrant settlement services in Canada:

Thousands of newcomers every year receive at least one settlement service funded by Government of Canada.

Previous experiences indicate that immigrants and refugees who access Canada settlement prior their arrival are well prepared to work and integrate socially.

The Government of Canada has invested almost $600 million in 2015-16 outside Quebec to provide settlement services in Canada and abroad that helped immigrants and refugees settle in their lives.

“We are happy to help you”

If you any other queries you can write them in the comment section below.


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