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Indian immigrants feel immigration is worse than slavery

Indian immigrants face severe problems while nurturing themselves and raising their families in new countries. Usually, people move to a developed country in search of a job, better lifestyle, good education and maybe high living standards. But lesser did they know that their open eye daydream is going to end up as a nightmare. Every year millions of Indian immigrants and people from other countries vacate their underdeveloped or developing countries in search of good opportunities. But there are various factors due to which they always lag behind their expectations and hardly manage to fulfil their needs.


Reasons why Indian immigrants have bad time settling abroad

Securing a job is a hard nut to crack:


When Indian immigrants rush to the USA, UK or Germany for higher education they have to do a part time job no matter what. Not only higher education even if Indian immigrants want a white collar job they have to take up an extra part time job in order to raise some money for living. The competition is very high because people of some country don’t want to employ immigrants at all.

Getting basic facilities:


Transportation is a very basic necessity when you move to a new place. But when you are an Indian immigrant in a new country your old driver license won’t work. If you are an immigrant from another country where English is not one of your languages it will get difficult for them to pass the test.

The housing misery?

homeless Indian immigrants

All the developed countries are filled with millions of immigrant from different parts of the world. With such high rate of population, it gets tougher for new immigrants to manage an affordable housing.

Isolation at its worst

Being an Indian immigrant and that too in a totally different part of the world where there is a huge cultural barrier. You have got no friends, family or anyone to support you. This is the kind of life you choose. You have to secretly deal with your emotion as no one around you is bothered. Eventually, you will have to sulk in the isolation where you don’t have to deal with the situation.

Nobody cooperates

You are an Indian immigrant who travelled all the way to America or UK to snatch away the job from the locals. How do you expect them to cooperate with you? Situation worse when you actually have to join the work with the locals as they make you feel unwanted all the time. If your fate is not at its best your colleagues will even harras you of being a misfit. Soon you will feel so much out of place that you will curse your decision of moving out of your country.


Reports say that the number of refugees is going to increase over the coming years. As a result, it will get tougher for the new immigrants to get housing, higher education and a secure job for some time. As they say “survival of the fittest” so is in terms of life. One has to face all the problems and secure them in a bucket and solve them one at a time. IIf you have a big dream and you want to achieve it you have to surpass the hurdles. No one ever said that it was going to be easy.


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