Changes to New Zealand Skilled Migrant and Parent Law


New Zealand, 25th October: Changes have been announced to New Zealand Skilled Migrant and Parent Law.

Yes, that is quite true.

Changes to New Zealand Skilled Migrant and Parent LawChanges to New Zealand Skilled Migrant and Parent Law—Yes, changes to New Zealand Skilled Migrant and Parent law have been announced. That is true. New Zealand government announced these changes this month.

“Changes to New Zealand Skilled Migrant and Parent Law have been announced. “

Changes were announced to New Zealand Skilled Migrant Category(SMC) and Parent Category Resident visa policies.

Reduced number of New Zealand residence approvals—Such New Zealand immigration changes will help in reduced number of New Zealand residence approvals. It will also lead to closure of Parent category. There will be a shift in focus for preference towards skilled immigrants having experience or high qualifications. In addition, they will need to have an offer of skilled job before getting eligible for New Zealand residency.

Changes to SMC category—Changes introduced to New Zealand SMC category. The points threshold for selection for Expression of Interest Pool has been raised to 160 points(from 140 points). It is irrespective of an applicant having an offer of job in New Zealand or not. It needs to be notable that New Zealand Parent(Family)category has been closed for a temporary period.

All such changes are a step forward towards a shift in the focus of New Zealand long-term residency.

New Zealand SMC changes mean now it aims to attract high-skilled and qualified applicants. Onshore, medium to high-skilled level immigrants having offers of job shall be preferred.

The new increased points threshold means applicants getting qualified earlier without an offer of job offshore will not be able to fulfill it without any offer of job. This is going to be true even for those having tertiary or trade qualified.

Changes to English language test—Changes have also been announced to English language test. This means several foreign students not having degree level qualifications in New Zealand will find it difficult to fulfill the English language test(compulsory, even if they fulfill the newly announced points threshold).

New Zealand Family(Parent) category applications are closed temporarily for new applicants. Further decision will be announced not until the end of 2017/18.


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