English Language Test for UK Visas

United Kingdom, 19th September: Let us see details of English language test for UK visas here.

So, here we go now.

English Language Test for UK VisasEnglish language test for UK visas—Let us see the detailed information of English language test for UK visas here. So, let us explore the details here now. Majority of applicants for UK visas are required to provide proof of their English language ability. This is done by providing proof of having cleared any approved ‘Secure English Language Test’.

“ English language test for UK visas is being discussed in detail here now.”

English language ability is required especially for applicants for UK settlement, UK citizenship or other UK visas. For UK citizenship, listening and speaking skills are tested by the UK Home Office. Meanwhile, there is also a condition that the applicant must clear a “Life in the UK” test on UK values, history, government, law and traditions.

Several UK visa applicants hailing from non-English speaking nations must clear English language tests before getting a UK visa.

Which English language test is needed for UK visa?—Well, the UK Home Office needs visa applicants to fulfill any one of the English language proficiency levels stated in the CEF(Common European Framework).

Applicants for UK citizenship or those wanting to settle in the UK need to prove their English language knowledge by getting a listening and speaking qualification at the CEF’s B1 level. Applicants for UK Tier 1(Exceptional Talent), (Graduate Entrepreneur) and (Entrepreneur) visas, Tier 4(General) visas(below degree level) and Tier 2(General) visas need to get a B1 level certificate in listening, speaking, reading and writing.

A B2 proficiency in speaking, listening, reading and writing is needed for UK Tier 2(Minister of Religion) visa applicants. Applicants for UK Tier 2(sportsperson) visas and ‘Family of Settled Person’ visas must get an A1 level in listening and speaking. It is the lowest CEF level.

For degree level students enrolled in any approved university don’t need to show any English language proficiency for getting a UK visa. Meanwhile, the individual UK university can have their own respective criteria or requirements for admission.

It needs to be notable that applicants aged above 18 and below 65 require English language tests.


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