Types of US Student Visas

United States, 16th August: Do you want to know the types of US student Visas?

If yes, then let us see the different categories of US student visas in detail here now.

Types of US Student Visas—Let us see the different types of US Student visas in detail now. So, let us begin the topic. It is well known that before you start your education in the US, you need to know about different US student visas available. Only then can you choose the appropriate US Student visa.

As a first-time US student visa applicant, you may feel confused. And that’s natural. But, there is no need to feel afraid. The system of US Student visa is quite simple. Simply grasp the various basic details of the US student visa process.

<blockquote> Let us see the different types of US Student visas in detail here now. </blockquote>

Three types of US Student visas—There are three types of US Student visas. The process of application is almost similar for all types of US Student visas. You need to apply online. And you also will have an interview. Let us see these in detail.

US M1 visa—This US student visa is meant for foreign students wanting to start a vocational or a non-academic study/training in the US.

US J1 visa—US J1 visa is meant for foreign students who are planning to move to the US on a work-based or study based exchange program. Yes. As part of your US degree program, you might earn credit hours in the US too. After finishing your study program in the US, you will have to move back to your home nation. Another option is to continue your study in the US.

Another option available for foreign students on US J1 visa is to become an intern getting hands-on work experience in the US(industry). Moreover, you can also be a visiting professor for giving lectures at any US university for a specified time period.

US F1 visa—US F1 visa is for attending a university or a college in the US. It is meant for foreign students wanting to purse undergraduate, postgraduate or a doctoral study course in the US. If you want to study English at any US English language institute, then you need to get a US F1     visa.


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