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Japan Needs More Foreign Workers

Japan, 23rd August: Japan needs more foreign workers.

Yes, that’s right. Japan requires more immigrants to work here.

Japan Needs More Foreign WorkersJapan needs more foreign workers—Japan needs more foreign workers. That is quite true. Japan needs more foreign workers to fill vacant job positions in several fields. This is due to increasing ageing population in Japan.

Japan has been considering ways to increased number of foreign workers. These include introducing simpler Japan visa rules for high-skilled professionals and expansion of trainee system to share technology with developing nations.

“ Japan needs more foreign workers to fill vacant job positions in different fields. “

Japan finding ways to bring in more foreign workers—Japan is finding ways to bring in additional foreign workers. Yes, this is being done without calling the move as an immigration policy.

Japan has proposed expansion of jobs open to immigrant workers. It also intends to double the number of immigrant workers. It may be worth mentioned that tougher Japan visa rules for unskilled workers have resulted in fewer number of foreigners in the nation.

As of now, there are nearly 1.4 percent of foreign workers of the total workforce in Japan. This is quite low compared to the percentage of foreign workers in advanced nations (nearly 5 percent or even more).

Japan turns to foreign workers for getting farm workers—Japan is finally turning to bring in foreign workers to have its farms running. Yes, ageing farmers and unwilling youngsters(to take up jobs in Japan) has compelled the nation to turn to foreign workers.

It may be worth mentioned that the number of Japanese farmers has nosedived by nearly half since the year 2000. This is now down to 2 million or even lower currently. Nearly two-thirds of such farmers are 65 years or more.

So, the ageing and shrinking workforce in Japan has led the nation to opt for new foreign workers. Moreover, a former immigration chief who leads the Japan Immigration Policy Institute says Japan will require nearly 10 million immigrants in the coming 50 years.

All this makes it quite clear that Japan needs to have a clear policy on immigration of foreigners.


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