US L1A and US L1B Non Immigrant Visa Options

Unites States, 18th November: The US L1A and US L1B visa offers the opportunity to come to the US for working here.

Employers wanting to hire employees must file petitions for bringing high skilled foreigners on US non-immigrant visas.

US L1 Visa Options US L1A visas—US L1A visa is meant for executives and managers wanting to come to the US and work here. It’s a non-immigrant visa enabling foreign executives and managers to come to the US and work here for a maximum period of seven years. The US

<blockquote> The US L1A visas and US L1B visas are meant for allowing foreign high skilled workers wanting to come to the US and work here for a certain specified period. </blockquote>

US L1B visas—US L1B visas are meant for bringing in specialized knowledge workers for a maximum period of five years. Processing period for US L1B visas is usually between one to three months. So, what this simply means is that the processing is faster than applications for US lawful permanent residence.

How to apply for another US L1 visa ?—Have you reached the maximum duration of the period for staying in the US while being on a US L1 visa and want to know how to apply for another US L1 visa?

Well, in such a case, you will have to be out of the US for at least one year before you get the opportunity to apply for another US L1 visa. This is necessary as per the US immigration rules.

US Permanent Residency—One of the best benefit of a US L1A non-immigrant visa is that you can get US Permanent residency legally. The only requirement is fulfilling the conditions for a US L1A non-immigrant visa. For this, an applicant must fulfill the requirement for EB1C Green Card for executives and managers.

A simple option is to apply for a US L1A visa initially and then apply for the EB1C immigrant visa at any later date.

An applicant must have worked abroad for not less than one year in any firm having some degree of common ownership with any US firm. The US firm one wants to work for needs to be linked to the firm outside the US in any of the four ways—

  • Parent
  • Subsidiary
  • Sister firms owned by the same parent, i.e. affiliate
  • Branch

Denial rate for US L1B visas is nearly 35 percent.

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