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One-sided Marriage Frauds Affecting US Citizens

United States, 18th November: Let us see the growing incidents of one-sided marriage frauds and its impact on US citizens.

Now days, there are growing incidents of foreigners marrying US citizens just for the sake of becoming US Green Card holders.

Marriage Frauds and Victim AmericansMarriages of convenience affecting US Citizens—Call it loveless marriages or marriages of convenience. But, the motive behind such marriages is one and the same. It is, undoubtedly, the lure of become US permanent residents that seems to be luring many foreigners to trap innocent US citizens into marriages of convenience.

<blockquote> Marriages of conveniences are being commonly used by foreigners to trap innocent American citizens for getting US permanent residency. </blockquote>

Fake marriages or marriages of convenience—Any marriage that is entered into for getting around the US immigration laws is considered to be a marriage of convenience or a fake marriage(sham marriage).

A fake marriage or a marriage of conveniences is solely entered into for getting a US lawful permanent residency or a US Green Card. Its unlawful under the US immigration rules.

Detecting fake marriages is considered to be the top priority for the US immigration officials including the USCIS. However, the US immigration authorities need a lot of evidence including documents for knowing whether any marriage is a real and genuine marriage based on love or just a fake marriage.

Marriage of convenience—tougher for victims–It’s a darker reality to be faced by American citizens becoming victims of marriages of convenience. US citizens who get hooked by their apparently loving foreign partners believe that love is behind such marriages, However, when the reality surfaces, they find it hard to cope with.

In fact, over the years, only little seems to have changed for citizen victims of marriages of convenience. If they are the victims of marriages of convenience, then whom should they turn to in such a case? Is there any authority that can help them? Well, the USCIS(US Citizenship and Immigration Services) is the agency meant for helping victims of marriages of convenience.

But the issue is does the USCIS able to consider such cases keeping in view the long and never-ending processing times? Well, the answer seems to be a big no.

Even the ICE(Immigration and Customs Enforcement) officials don’t seem to be bothered into seeking the details of such marriages of convenience except where there is some multi-party conspiracies involved.

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