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Calgary Employment Insurance Recipients Up

Canada, 23rd October: Number of jobless benefits recipients in Calgary have gone up recently, Statistics Canada reports.

There has been an increase of employment insurance claimants by 2.9 percent from July in August this year.

Employment Insurance recipients go up in Calgary—Calgary has witnessed an increase in number of jobless benefits recipients in the month of August this year. As per the official figures by Statistics Canada, the figures show an increase from the figures a year ago. An increase of 150 people or nearly 0.3 percent was seen from July and was 82 percent or around 23,660 from the figures a year ago.

<blockquote> Calgary employment insurance recipients went up in August this year over what the figures were a year ago. </blockquote>

Who are hardest hit workers in Calgary?—Well, Calgary saw just a marginal decreaseCalgary Jobless Benefits Recipients Up of employment insurance recipients by recording a decline of 0.8 percent. However, it was Edmonton that led to rise in employment insurance numbers as it showed an increase of 1.8 percent from June across the whole of Alberta to reach 52,700.

Hence, the number of beneficiaries in this province went up 72.2 percent.

Among the most badly affected workers were Natural and applied Sciences(up by 5.7 percent), Management(an increase of 4.5 percent) and Trades, transport and equipment operators (showing an increase of 3.4 percent). The oil patch were hit badly by recording thousands of job layoffs.

There were a total of 545,200 people getting regular EI benefits in July across Canada. This means an increase of 2 percent from June this year and an increase of 7.1 percent from July 2014.

Part-time employment growth offset by decline in full time jobs in Calgary—Although Calgary witnessed an increase of 74,000 part-time jobs in September this year, but this was offset by a decrease of 62,000 full time job positions in this region.

Around 2,400 new jobs were added in Calgary census metropolitan area. This showed an increase of 0.3 percent from the month of August this year. Meanwhile, jobless rate went up to 6.8 percent from 6.6 percent.

It may be notable that 17,600 new jobs have been created in Calgary year-over-year. This means an increase by 2.2 percent.

It may be notable that the rate of unemployment in Calgary has been going up this year. It hit 6.6 percent in the month of August which means an increase from 5.3 percent a year ago. The region recorded a loss of 1,500 jobs during the month of August.


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