Canada Parent and Grandparent Program To Reopen in 2016

Canada, 9th October: Canada Parent and Grandparent Program is all set to open once again in January 2016.

Yes, this is certainly a great news for immigrants and their parents as well as grandparents wanting to come to Canada.

Canada PGP to Reopen in January 2016Canada Parent and Grandparent Program to reopen in 2016—Canada Parent and Grandparent Program will be reopened in 2016 by Canada government. Sponsors and candidates must start preparing for Canada Parent and Grandparent Immigration program at the earliest as the application intake period will be very short.

</blockquote> Canada Parent and Grandparent Program will be thrown open once again with effect from January 2016. </blockquote>

Canada Parent and Grandparent Program—Canada Parent and Grandparent program enables Canada permanent residents and Canada citizens to bring their parents and grandparents living outside Canada.

Parents and Grandparents of Canada citizens or Canada permanent residents coming to Canada under Canada Parent and Grandparent Program become Canada permanent residents. That’s because this happens to be a family sponsorship scheme.

Canada Parents and Grandparents Program is also known as PGP. New rules for Canada PGP were announced in 2011 when this program reopened. It is said to be one of the highly competitive immigration program.

It may be notable that Canada PGP attracted the required number of applications of 5,000 within a short span of only three weeks while opening in 2014.

Will there be any change in Canada PGP in 2016?—Well, this is a common question that might be popping up in many minds alike. As of now, Canada government has not provided any hints with regard to any changes that may be introduced to Canada PGP in 2016.

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There is no denying the fact that the demand for the program is likely to be quite high. So, apply early to avoid any disappointments.

Criteria for Canada PGP—Let us see the rules for Canada PGP. Canada confers Canada permanent residency status to parents and grandparents of Canada permanent residents or Canada citizens coming to Canada under Canada PGP.

Lets see requirements for offering sponsorship—A sponsor must be—

  • A Canada permanent resident or a Canada citizen;
  • At least 18 years or more;
  • Having more than minimum necessary income level for Canada PGP by providing notices of assessment issued by CRA(Canadian Revenue Agency) as a proof of their sponsorship.
  • Promise to offer all financial support for the sponsored relative for three to ten years(time period starts on the date of sponsored relative becoming a Canada permanent resident).