US Still Most Popular Destination for Higher Studies

United States, 8th October: The US is still the highly popular destination for pursuing higher education.

Want to study overseas? Then choose the US for higher education.

US Most Popular Study DestinationBig craze for US student visas—The fact that the US is still the top destination for doing higher studies becomes evident clearly as the foreign students throng to get US student visas.

So, we can simply say that the craze for US student visas does not seem to fade away or get less among foreigners wanting to study overseas.

<blockquote> The US is still considered to be a popular destination for the purpose of pursuing higher education. </blockquote>

Every year, the US gets second highest number of applicants from India, affirmed a US diplomat recently. As per the Consul General US Consulate General in Hyderabad, Michael Mullins, the US is the most preferred destination for higher studies for foreign students the world over.

India happens to be second largest provider of foreign students to the US next only to China.

The maximum number of US student visa applications are received at the Consulate at Hyderabad, Mr. Michael confirmed. Hyderabad has now come at the second position in the world for US H-1B visas.

Moreover, its first in India and fourth in the world in terms of issuing visas for students getting higher education in US universities.

The number of applicants for US Student visas is quite high from Hyderabad. Students in Hyderabad seem to be very keen to study in the US. While issuing US student visas, the US Consulate ascertains about the intention of the aspirant for getting the US student visa.

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Why is the US most popular among foreign students?—Well, there is no denying the fact that the US happens to be the most popular study destination for students all over the world. Let’s see what makes the US a highly popular destination for studying overseas.

The US offers a wide choice of institutes with foreign students allowed to choose from nearly 4,500 institutes. It offers very flexible curricula and has a quality education that is known the world over. Foreign students can choose from different choices for getting financial help including scholarships, student loans etc.

No wonder, in the academic year 2013-14, as many as 1,02,673 Indian students were enrolled in US education institutes, as per the Open Doors 2014 report findings.

The number of Indian students getting education in the US has gone up showing an increase of 31.98 percent growth during the period between July 2014 and July 2015(from 113,649 to 149,999).