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Immigrant Communities Living in Fear – Should the Alabama Law be Blamed?

OPPOSITION – As it seems, the newly brought in Immigration Law has dreaded the immigrant communities in Alabama.

The State organization leaders’ condemning Alabama’s harsh new law to clean-up the undocumented immigration allege that “paralyzing fear” has gripped the Hispanic community and thwarted the lives of each Alabama citizen ever since the law came into effect in June.

HORRIFYING – Isabel Rubio, executive director of the Hispanic Interest Coalition of Alabama stated in an interview that the kind of fear that has gripped the people is really horrifying. “It is worth noting that it isn’t merely in the Hispanic community, but with immigrants from various parts of the world from which immigrants come to Alabama”, she added. Having experienced such a scene already, the repercussions of such a law may just be much more.

INTO EFFECT – The law came into effect on June 9, 2011 when Alabama Governor Robert Bentley signed the law. U.S. District Judge Sharon Blackburn has set the law and majority of it was at first lined up to be brought into effect on Sept. 1, suspended until the end of the month. She is likely to make a decision in late September. Of late, numerous organizations have spoken against it asserting that it has criminalized numerous acts.

WEAKENS THE TRUST – Even as the liaison among the Hispanic community and law enforcement has previously been weak the new law that lets local law enforcement to verify the residential status of anybody they have realistic doubt might be against the law, “weakens the trust” among the two parties, Isabel believed. “For us to decide where we are heading to, it gets more regressive. I think this will categorically result in racial profiling,” she added.

WORRIED COMMUNITY – Isabel Rubio went on to say that the world of a lot of Hispanic residents has all but impeded turning in expectation of the law’s effects. “There was a huge fear in the immigration community. They are in a situation in which they can’t decide whether to register their children in school since many were worried the ever concerning residential status of the parent can very well impact the kid,” she said.

THE RISING DREAD – Rubio also stated that the fear of the community is rising. Their compliance to file report against any criminal offense, quoting the instance of a battered woman that was reluctant to report against the offender since she dreaded her residential status will be of greater apprehension than the offense that was committed against her. Rubio said that due to this the immigrant community is pushed a lot deeper into the underground.

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