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Tourist visas could cost £145 to British families

United Kingdom, 18th October: Mandatory tourist visas as well as departure taxes could cost Briton families a whopping £145, findings of a recent survey indicate.

The study by the Post Office shows that such charges could make a big hole in the pockets of British families.

High visa costs for UK families wanting to travel abroad--UK visitors wanting to visit the US are required to shell out £14 for each ESTA visa and such visa must be bought before proceeding on travel. Meanwhile, several favorite winter destinations require tourist tax as well as visa charges payable either on departure or on arrival from the nation, the survey highlights.

Consider, for instance, extra costs to be borne by British families travelling to Antigua. Tourists visiting Antigua need to be ready to pay £20 in US or Eastern Caribbean dollars before leaving their respective nations. So, if you are a family of four (including children above 11 years), this could mean £77.76 in foreign currency to be paid out of your pocket while returning from your holiday visit.

A single tourist visa for El Gouna or Hurghada costs £41.68 for a family of four And for travelling to Kenya, a British family of four will have to pay £138.88 as the price for entry visa. This could mean a big hole in their pockets.

Visa charges for travelling to Mexico for a family of four are £145.12 and these are to be paid at the time of leaving, states the findings of the Post Office Travel Money research.

Although, travelers to Sharm el Sheikh don’t need to pay visa charges, however, those staying in El Gouna or Hurghada will be required to pay £41. 68(for a family of four), the findings assert.

Low priced holidays could actually mean surprise costs—A large number of families from the UK wanting to cash in on lucrative low-priced holiday packages may be in for surprise exorbitant visa and traveling tax costs, states head of Post Office Travel Money, Sarah Munro.

Such conflicting charges also include airfares, adds Munro. So, the best suggestion is to be in touch with the concerned tour operator or the airline you have made bookings for travelling abroad, affirms Munro.

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