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Immigration process to Canada for Self Employed

Canada has a programme for foreign nationals who would like to be self-employed while in Canada. With two years of relevant experience within a 5 year period immediately prior to the time of application. A minimum score of 35 points under the selection grid is also required to apply under this program. The scoring is […]

Canada Immigration 2015

Canada, 24th February: Let us see what the year 2015 has in store with regard to different Canada immigration programs and Canada immigration changes. Canada will be introducing certain new rules for Canada immigration in the year 2015. Canada immigration changes 2015—Canada immigration department—CIC(Citizenship and Immigration Canada) will be allowing some new changes to Canada […]

Canada Express Entry Petition Process

Canada, 23rd February: Let us see the petition process for Canada Express Entry 2015 for all those wanting to get information for coming to Canada. Canada Express Entry program is aimed to allow foreigners get expedite entry to Canada. Canada officials select candidates through several procedures. And the good thing is that the process of […]

Annual Cap for Canada Parent and Grandparent Program Reached

Canada, 4th February: Canada’s Parent and Grandparent Program’s annual cap has been reached. This has been announced by Canada government recently. Canada Parent and Grandparent Program’s cap reached—The annual cap for Canada Parent and Grandparent Program has been reached. This was revealed by Canada government. Giving details about the program, the government said that the […]

Ottawa to Relaunch Multi-Millionaire Visa Scheme

Canada, 5th December: Ottawa is all set to launch once again its multi-millionaire visa program soon. This has been announced by Canada government recently. Canada to launch Multi-Millionaire Visa—Canada Multi Millionaire visa program is going to be launched once again soon. This has been announced by Canada government. This is aimed to attract foreign multimillionaire […]

Canada to Announce New Immigrant Investor Program

Canada, 1st December: Canada is soon going to announce its new Immigrant Investor Program. Yes, a new Immigrant Investor Program will be launched by Canada soon. New Canada Immigrant Investor Program Soon—A new Canada Immigrant Investor Program will be launched soon. This has been announced by Canada. As per the details, this will allow prospective […]

Faster Canada Permanent Residency Application System Begins 1st January

Canada, 25th November: Canada Faster Permanent Residency Application System is going to start on 1st January, 2015. This will be possible through launch of Express Entry Program for all streams of economic immigration for Canada Permanent Residence. Faster Canada Permanent Residence begins 1st January—Come 1st January, 2015 and Canada will launch its faster Permanent Residence […]

Reason for Refusal of Canada Experience Class Applications

Canada, 20th November: Canada Experience Class Applications refusal may be due to many reasons. Let us see these reasons in detail here for the benefits of Canada Experience Class Applicants and aspiring applicants. Canada Experience Class—Canada Experience Class happens to be a highly favorite immigration route for foreigners wanting to become Canada permanent residents. However, […]

Canada’s New System better than Temporary Foreign Worker Program

Canada, 19th November: Canada’s new approach to immigration seems to be much better than the earlier one. How? Lets see here in detail. Cancellation of Canada Temporary Foreign Worker Program—Canada has already cancelled its highly popular immigration program meant for skilled foreign workers. Under this program, employers could hire foreigners willing to work in Canada […]

Canada Immigration To Open for Parents Soon

Canada, 18th November: Canada is soon going to open immigration for parents and grandparents of Canada residents and Canada grand parents. This will be done through Canada’s Parent and Grandparent Immigration Program. Canada opening Parent and Grandparent Sponsorship Program 2015—In the month of January 2015, Canada will be re-opening its Canada Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship […]