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Are Norway or Sweden Good Countries in terms of Job Opportunities for Tax and Finance Professionals Who Wish to Migrate?

Norway (HDI- 0.953, Rank- 01) and Sweden (HDI- 0.933, Rank- 07) both have high HDI (Human Development Index) rankings and are top-ranked countries in the list of 189 countries.

Both the countries figure with higher values and rankings in all the tested factors such as HDI, IHDI (Inequality Adjusted HDI), GDI (Gender Development), GII (Gender Inequality) and others in the Human Development Reports published by the UNDP (United Nations Development Programme).


HDI Norway
Norway ranks higher in HDI than the U.S. and Canada

You will need a residence permit if you intend to immigrate to Norway to study, live or work. Two parameters stand out concerning you getting the resident permit of Norway. Your financial capability to maintain your dependents and your present country of residence and citizenship.

If you intend to work in Norway, a job offer from a Norwegian organisation or enterprise can help you in getting the resident permit faster. The EU Blue Card scheme doesn’t apply to Norway. Norway forms part of EEA and Schengen area. However, it is not a member of the EU.

Norwegian Police and the UDI (Department of Immigration) are the two authorities managing the whole immigration process.

In comparison to other European countries, with around 14 % of its population comprising of immigrants, the Scandinavian nation Norway is one country that offers the best working conditions as well as the highest salaries to competent professionals.

Norwegian people consider work-life balance necessary. Therefore, week hours are usually between 35 to 40 per week. Norway’s substantial public sector employs maximum people. Energy, Seafood, ICT, Marine and Shipping are a few big industries in Norway.

Apart from full-time work, part-time and seasonal work culture is quite common in Norway. Also, Norway has a trade-unionised job culture with its Labour Inspection Authority keeping a strict vigil on the workers and professionals. Four main employee confederations are majorly active with CNTU, commonly called as LO as the largest.

The capital, Oslo is quieter, smaller, with easy accessibility to the natural scenic beauty of plains as well as hills. Norway overall has good quality food, loving people and peaceful life with almost all conveniences such as public transport, parks, excellent restaurants and much more in its major cities like Oslo, Tromso, and Bergen. However, Norway is a little expensive. 


HDI Sweden
Sweden ranks higher in HDI than Japan and New Zealand

In comparison to Norway, Sweden is multicultural, cheaper, more cosmopolitan and with more number of big cities such as Stockholm, Malmo, Gothenburg and many more. Comparatively, you can find a job quickly in Sweden than in Norway.

Sweeden forms part of the EU, unlike Norway. Immigration to Sweden is comparatively more straightforward. Sweden has a little lower tax structure in comparison to Norway.

Sweden is home to diverse industrial innovation with massive social engineering and international business. If you need to pick up a job in Sweden, you need a work permit as well as a job offer or offer of employment.

This offer of employment has to come from an employer or the firm who advertised this job offer in advance in the EU, EEA, Sweden and Switzerland. The onus of initiation of application is on the employer.

Swedish Migration Agency processes and authorises your work permit or resident card application. Hailing from a non-EU country, well, you will need a residence permit to migrate to study or work in Sweden.

The Bottom Line

Migrating to Norway or Sweden is an excellent idea if you are a highly placed professional as both countries offer higher salaries. However, if compared, immigration to Sweden is a little easier than Norway.


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