Which Are The Best 3 Immigration Programs For Canada?

Immigrating to a new place is not an easy task. The change of environment, culture, and people is a lot at once. Adjusting to a new culture can take time, and making new friends can take time as well. But moving to a new place need a lot of formalities.

Many people move to Canada, as it is one of the ideal places for immigration. But moving to Canada has its own rules. The immigration process has some requirements which the immigrants have to fulfill before entering into the country.


Which Are The Best 3 Immigration Programs For Canada?
Which Are The Best 3 Immigration Programs For Canada?

Let us have a look at some of the immigration program which is available for moving to Canada.

Immigration programs for Canada

Often people wonder how to clear the immigration process and which visa program can help them achieve success. This problem can be solved very easily. There are three immigration programs for going to Canada. These visa programs can help a lot in getting a better life in Canada.

  • The first immigration program is Federal Skilled worker program
  • The second one is Prince Edward Island PNP Express Entry Stream
  • Ontario Immigrant PNP.

These programs are very much useful for the candidates and help them to become a permanent resident of Canada. Let us see in more detail about the program.

Immigration Program of Federal Skilled worker

This program is very useful and advantageous. For this program, the candidates do not need a job offer. The processing of this program is also fast as it does not take much time to deliver. The program was started in the year 2015 and till now it is managed by the Express Entry system. Express entry system helps Canada government to get the right applicants for their country.

Requirements for Federal Skilled Worker

  • The first requirement is that an express entry profile must be created.
  • A minimum score of 100 should be obtained by the candidate.
  • You should be financially stable and should have enough funds.
  • Clearance of medical exam is a must for all the immigrants.
  • A security clearance is another step which has to be fulfilled by the immigrants.
  • Work experience is required for this immigration program.

Prince Edward Island PNP Express Entry Stream Immigration Program

This program is another way to get a permanent residency in Canada. This program has one stream linked to the Express Entry Program. This program is helpful for the candidate to get nominated by the province and apply for a permanent residence. The time period for this application is 60 days. So the candidate has to finish the application within the period of 60 days.

Requirements for Prince Edward Island PNP Express Entry Stream

For this entry scheme, three criteria must be fulfilled.

  1. Federal skilled trades program
  2. A federal skilled worker program
  3. Canadian experience class.

If the candidates qualify even any one program out of these they are eligible to obtain a permanent residency in Canada. After clearing any one scheme they have to create an Express entry profile. After all the procedures are done you are ready to be a Canadian citizen.

Ontario Immigrant PNP Immigration Program

This is the third immigration program which is suitable for immigrants. Getting nominated by the province is one of the best ways to get into Canada. Everyone is familiar with Provincial Nomination.  If the candidates meet all the requirements of the province they are eligible for becoming a member of the province.

Ontario has given various immigrants a chance to be a part of their locality. Over the years it has given many immigrants a chance to be the part of Ontario and this has been done through various nominee programs. Ontario Immigration program has three categories.

  1. Employer Job offer Category.
  2. Human capital stream
  3. Business category.

There are various immigrants who got a chance to be a part of Ontario through these programs.


  • Documents like proof of language exam taken, educational qualification ID proofs, job offer letters CVs are required.
  • These documents should be uploaded online for OINP online account.
  • Enough fund settlements are required.
  • The provincial nomination is required
  • Application of ITA
  • Verification of application and approval.
  • Visa obtained


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