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How can you bring temporary workers to Canada from foreign lands?

​If you are an employer offering a permanent job to any foreign worker, you can easily accomplish this with the help of a valid job offer via Express entry. This will enable the foreign worker to immigrate to Canada as a skilled worker.

Basically, the express entry system is used to manage the applications for economic immigration programs. In case, you are a Canadian employer, you can easily hire the express entry candidate in order to meet your labor requirement when you fail to find permanent residents in Canadians to fill up the vacancies.

How can you bring temporary workers to Canada from foreign lands?
How can you bring temporary workers to Canada from foreign lands?


The skilled work jobs include all those under the Skill Type 0 as well as Level A and Skill Level B in the National Occupational Classification or NOC.

The express entry system is used to classify occupations. The jobs are actually grouped on the basis of the kind of work an individual does and the types of duties he has to cover up.

At the initial stage, you need to find out a permanent resident of Canadian in order to fill the job vacancy. You need to meet some of the required factors which include posting your job advertisement on the government of Canada job Bank along with two other places.

If you do not get the required candidate to fill up the vacancy, you can directly apply for the labor market impact assessment through the employment and social development Canada. If they agree with your requirement for any foreign worker to fill the position available, you will easily obtain the positive labor market impact assessment or LMIA.

This will enable you to offer jobs to the express entry candidates with the support of the labor market impact assessment. In the next invitation round, the candidates will need to apply for the permanent residence in Canada from the express entry pool.

In the year 2016, additional points used to be awarded to individuals for job offers, but now they have been changed vividly. Candidates having valid job offers in national occupational classification 00 jobs will get 200 points and those with job offers in other national occupational classification 0, B or A will get 600 points, which were used to be of provided to the candidates previously, now no longer applicable.

Majority of the application complications are usually completed within 6 months or even less than that. This includes all the supporting documents necessary for making an application.

What do the employers need to do for hiring and Express entry candidate?

In order to hire an Express entry candidate, you need to do the following:

  • Obtain a positive the labor market impact assessment from the employment and social development Canada
  • You need to offer jobs to candidates for minimum one year after they obtain the permanent resident visa. This is properly supported by the labor market impact assessment unless the offer is exempt from the needing one.

Do you need to get a labor market impact assessment?

When you receive the labor market impact assessment, you will have to give the number to the candidates you want to hire. You will not require the labor market impact assessment if:

The candidate you are hiring is already working in Canada on temporary basis in the NOC 0, B or A job for your company, and you are supporting their application for work permit with the labor market impact assessment number and now wish to extend 1 year more for the job offer after they received their permanent resident visa.

The candidate has the work permit for a NOC 0, B or A job with the name of your company written on it and was exempt from labor market impact assessment under:

  • Federal-provincial agreement
  • Canadian interests category
  • International agreements write the North America free trade agreement
  • Has a full-time work experience of 1 year or part-time work with an equal amount for your company for you.
  • You can access the candidate to create his Express entry profile or update the same in their account with the
  • Labour market impact assessment number and NOC code that is related to the job
  • Starting date

Employee address and name for Immigrants to land in Canada

Most of the foreign workers can start working in Canada on a temporary basis while the application for permanent residence is under process. A temporary work permit application will be required by them, followed by a small processing fee. One can continue working in Canada if he is already working.

The regular labor market impact assessment processing fee needs to be paid by the employers in order to support the application for a temporary work permit. No visa charge for or labor market impact assessment supporting an application for permanent residence

Providing a valid job offer to candidates to help them immigrate to Canada

Certainly, a job offer that is supported by the labor market impact assessment has several requirements depending on the exact program for which for you are eligible for.

A valid job offer is important for your Federal skilled worker program. This job offer must be:

  • Of minimum one year after issuing the permanent resident visa full time and non-seasonal
  • Skill type 0 includes managerial occupations or skill level B skilled trades and technical occupations or skill level A professional occupations in the NOC

A valid job offer for the Federal skilled trades program must have the following:

  • It should be of minimum one year of the full-time work
  • The working conditions and wages comparable to those that are offered to the Canadians working in an occupation
  • Need to be of skill level B in any of the eligible occupations, which includes skilled trades and technical occupations
  • The skilled trade job includes 72, 82, 73, 92, 633 and 632 and NOC 2016. This kind of job offers can be made by a maximum of 2 employers at a time.
  • A job offer is not mandatory for the Canadian Experience Class, but applicants can obtain additional points for job offer and the comprehensive ranking system.

The candidate can get extra points if their job offer fulfills the following criteria:

  • Skill type 0, Skill Level A or Skill Level b in the NOC
  • Issued for minimum one-year after the permanent resident visa is issued, full-time and non- seasonal

Are you recruiting from within Canada?

If you have already obtained the positive labor market impact assessment for your employee along with a temporary work permit, you can now post for a job. The labor market impact assessment will be valid under the express entry system.


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