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What kind of visa you need to work in Canada? How can you work in get a job in Canada without a work visa?

It is not possible for you to apply for the work visa in US unless you get an employee who is willing to provide you with the job as well as acts as the petitioner for the overall application process. It is really very challenging to get a job when you do not have any right to work in the United States. So, how do people manage it?

What kind of visa you need to work in Canada? How can you work in get a job in Canada without a work visa?
What kind of visa you need to work in Canada? How can you work in get a job in Canada without a work visa?


Understanding the work visa options available in US

You may be highly talented, but the US government authorizes the labor-based nonimmigrant visas in limited categories. The visas are likely to include the following:

E-3 – Australian nationals you can work in specialty occupations that demand B.A degree or higher education.

H2A – Temporary workers who fill those positions that the department of agriculture in US has recognized for an accute shortage of labor.

H1C – Registered nurses who are going to work in locations where there is acute shortage of health professionals

H1B – Workers involving a specialty occupation which demands minimum B.Ed degree or else it is almost equivalent in on-the-job experience. And also includes popular fashion models.

H2B – Workers having diversifying talents in performing temporary jobs. Generally, there is a shortage of qualified workers in US

O2 – Essential support staffs of individuals having O-1 visa

O-1 – Candidates who have extraordinary ability in arts, science, business, education and athletics

P-1 – Entertainers and apparatus who are internationally recognized as well as their essential support staffs

R-1 – Workers and ministers of recognized religions

Identifying the needs of the employers

As we know that high level of unemployment persists in US, still there are some employers afraid to find their desired candidates for the vacancies. If you are lucky enough to come across search employers, the beauty and optically willing to help you to get your work visa to fulfill their requirement by bringing you in US to work for them.

You should always keep a watch on the job advertisements as well as the job posting websites. There are several companies that keep on posting job advertisements throughout the year to fulfill the vacancies. Such employers will be more willing to help you through the immigration process to fill up their employment requirements.

Check out for employers who have experience in hiring workers from foreign countries

Employers having a previous history of hiring candidates from foreign countries will more likely to support you in comparison to others also do not have much experience with this process. As we know that the immigration laws are quite complicated, so it’s like possible that most of the employers are not aware of the visa options required for hiring foreign candidates. Usually, large scale businesses and cooperation houses have specific departments as well as in-house lawyers dedicated to bringing in workers from foreign lands.

It’s not always necessary that you will get chances only with large corporations. Small employers can also help you out in getting a work visa, provided that he has already been through the visa application process previously and have complete knowledge of the same. There are several small scale organizations that need foreign workers to fulfill their requirements. It is suggested that you should keep an eye on the employers who usually advertise jobs abroad. You should go to the companies’ press releases regarding the hiring process for foreign workers.

Expand your networking- will help you get job faster after immigration

You should always ensure that you keep on expanding your network, which includes your online social networking. You can start by asking the people you know if they have anyone in their circle who has been hired by a US firm. Now, if you come across such contacts, go ahead and contact them and ask the questions you want to know, like how they get jobs in the United States, how they manage the work visa if they know about any job openings and so on.

Contact the employer- follow up would help you get job fast as an immigrant

Once you come across employers who are actually willing to hire workers from foreign countries, you need to approach them individually. You can use any names that you have as connections.

There is no harm in mailing resume if you do not come across job opening for a particular company. You can also attach a letter in the email introducing yourself. And, in case a job has already been posted, just follow the application guidelines carefully.

When preparing the resume, make sure that you go through the US-authored books in order to understand what the US employers actually expect in the resume of a candidate. It is very essential to understand the tone and style of designing biodata for US jobs. After you fill in the job resume, it is advisable that you hire someone from the US in order to edit and review the resume. Always bear in mind; it is you who have the entire responsibility to prove your worth in front of the employers. You need to present yourself in such a manner that employers can understand that your talents and skills will prove to be used for their organizations. Unless you prove yourself through the resume, none of the employees will take the hassle of undergoing the visa application process to bring you in US to work for them.

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