How Are Marriages Used as a Cover for Immigration to Canada?

Lately, there have been several news reports regarding the “insulting” searches by the officials in Canada. Several couples have also been subject to harassment and insult by the authorities. But there is nothing much that can do about it as many immigrants use marriage as a cover for Immigration to Canada.

marriage as a cover for Immigration to Canada.
How Are Marriages Used as a Cover for Immigration to Canada?

Searches are carried out to check whether the relationship is real or is just a means to stay in the country. Off lately, the ministry officials are raiding many houses or directly gatecrashing the ceremonies to ensure it is not a sham marriage. It can be degrading for many, but such protective measures are essential for dealing with marriage fraud.   

Sham Marriages As a Cover for Immigration to Canada

Several rights activists and lawyers are protesting against such practices as they feel that it is nothing more than the government’s hostile policy toward the immigrants. For many, it is nothing more than a means to make the life of refugees difficult in a foreign land.

There have been instances when couples were forced to give details of their sexual relationship. It can turn out to be incredibly insulting and deeply troublesome. But the authorities are taking every protective measure as there has been a dramatic rise in the number of arrivals in the country. It has caught the attention of Home Office officials.

According to the reports of government officials marriages are used as a cover and in several cases these turn out to be a hoax. Many use it as an easy way to get an entry in the country. Officials feel that surprise checks are essential to keep a check on such cases and discourage the immigrants from falling prey to such illegal methods. It has become mandatory to convince the officials that the relationship is genuine.

What if Visa Officer detects that marriage is only for Immigration?

You can be detained if the officials feel that something is wrong in the marriage or it is merely a cover. You need to be careful as one morning you might find the Home Office officials at your home to check up on the number of toothbrushes. Many feel that law agencies are merely trying to discourage immigrants from living a peaceful life in Canada. Necessary measures are being taken by the authorities to make the system more transparent and hassle-free for the common man.

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