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Canada New Immigration Rules and Requirements 2019

Due to the continuous NAFTA issues caused by the Trump Government, changes in the quotas of the Express Entry invitation quotas, etc., Canada faces many alterations and shifts in trends. This makes it crucial for aspirants to be updated regarding the latest events or policy changes that might come in May 2019, as they might impact their immigration decisions. Read the article Canada New Immigration Rules and Requirements 2019

New immigration Rules
Canada New Immigration Rules and Requirements 2019

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Canada the popular Destination for Canada Immigration

Being a popular destination for immigration, every year Canada draws numerous applications from immigration aspirants across the globe, of which, only a selected few make it through. The common reason why many are not selected is they have a laidback approach to the rules and do not follow them strictly as required. This leads to the rejection of the final application. IRCC Some candidates are even banned for 5 years, for furnishing false information.

Canada Immigration authorities, in the last few years, have come up with many new reforms and rules which would benefit both the immigrants as well as the economy of Canada. The IRCC (Immigration refugee and Citizenship Canada) reduced the deadline with respect to submission of documentation post an ITA (Invitation To Apply) from 90 days to 60 days which came into effect from 26th June 2018.

In the previous year, the IRCC allocated additional CRS points to applicants who get genuine job offer letters from Canada. Earlier 600 points were given for an in-hand job offer. Now a maximum of 200 points will be provided to people belonging to the management category of jobs, whereas a minimum of 50 points will be offered to people belonging to other job categories.

Recently updated Canada New Immigration Rules and Requirements 2019:

  1. The Canadian Government will welcome about 310,000 new permanent residents in 2018, 330,000 in 2019 and 340,000 in 2020.
  2. Over the next 3 years, an increase in immigration in 2019 to Canada through Express Entry, PNPs
  3. TCF Canada language test will be accepted by IRCC from 2019
  4. In 2019, Canada’s immigration policy for the next 3 years will be targeting prominent roles of Express Entry, PNPs
  5. Canada introduced compulsory biometrics for immigrants in 2019

Do I Qualify for Canada PR?

This is the first ever multi-year immigration plan of Canada. It primarily concentrates on skilled immigration programs which can be the pathway for skilled individuals to enter and settle down in Canada. The main purpose is the development of the economy and to meet the shortage faced by the country in terms of skilled labor.



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