United Conservative Party- The immigration proposal of Alberta allows 40,000 newcomers to the rural communities

According to the new immigration proposal put forward by the United Conservative Party of Alberta, it allows bringing around 40,000 newcomers to the rural communities in the next 4 years. The spring, a new provincial government is coming to the power and according to the predictions made, the United Conservative Party and its leader will win the poll.

From 2008 to 2013, Kenney has served as the Canadian Immigration Minister, and he thinks that Alberta needs to make use of the immigration power to revitalize the rural communities of the province. The United conservative party would soon adopt an immigration strategy in order to make this possible on the basis of two key components – the Rural Entrepreneurial Stream and the Rural Renewal Program.

United Conservative Party- The immigration proposal of Alberta allows 40,000 newcomers to the rural communities
United Conservative Party- The immigration proposal of Alberta allows 40,000 newcomers to the rural communities

If the United Conservative Party comes into power, they are expected to bring around 10,000 new candidates as permanent residents to the province through the aforementioned programs every year during its four-year tenure as the new government. With this effort, United Conservative Party is planning to end huge backlogs, proactively attract the talented newcomers from other countries, speed up the processing time, encourage settlement in the rural regions of Alberta and welcome the job-creating entrepreneurs.

Alberta Rural Entrepreneurial Stream

The rural entrepreneurial stream simply aims to increase the new generation of immigrant entrepreneurs to start their businesses in rural communities situated around Alberta and create opportunities for new jobs for the locals. Under this program, around more than 500 experienced immigrant entrepreneurs would be welcome every year to the province.

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The entrepreneurs are just expected to meet the minimum amount of investment as well as the net worth thresholds. At the same time, they need to actively manage their businesses on regular basis and hold a minimum of 51% ownership of their businesses. The eligible entrepreneurs would be readily welcomed by Alberta and nominated for the two-year work permit via the Federal government. Entrepreneurs showing good-faith effort for starting small businesses would be provided with permanent residentship status. In around 4 years, Alberta will accept about 2000 entrepreneurs. This means a total of 8000 newcomers, including the dependents and spouses of these entrepreneurs. The entrepreneurs are expected to create a minimum of 4,000 jobs in the province.

Alberta Rural Renewal Program

This program will be operating through the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program and focus on giving priority to the economic immigration individual to express their interest to settle down in the rural Alberta communities. According to the expectation, the Alberta Rural Renewal Program will help to bring around 32,000 candidates as the permanent residents to the Alberta province over the four years term. The Express Entry candidates who receive the provincial nomination program of the Alberta Rural Renewal Program would get 600 additional CRS or comprehensive ranking system. This ensures the invitation to apply for permanent residence or PR in Canada in the subsequent draw of express entry.

The Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program is meant for the qualified and skilled workers who are willing to settle down and stay in Alberta permanently. Alberta is known for being one of the popular provinces of Canada offering immigration programs to interested candidates.

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