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Immigration Applications – Immigration Cases In Canada Get Another Chance With Court’s Injunction

Canada immigrants have a new life-line in the form of the court’s injunction that will make the government go through the pending 18000 immigration case files, instead of throwing them away for anticipated law reform.

Immigration Applications - Immigration Cases In Canada Get Another Chance With Court’s Injunction
Immigration Applications – Immigration Cases In Canada Get Another Chance With Court’s Injunction

Injunction received from the court by the Quebec government about temporarily passing the 18000 on hold applications of immigration will most possibly get renewed again by Thursday. This will ensure that the effect of the injunction will stay and the halted application forms will continue to get processed during the period. This is good news for immigrants needing the permit to get inside Canada for work or studies. Because of an earlier bill passed by the government to discard all immigration application files, by deeming them illegal, an association of lawyers practicing Quebec immigration claimed for a hold on this decision. As a result, the lawsuit was running which brought this injunction from the court.

The Canadian Government’s decision to discard all immigration applications

Almost 18000 applications were submitted before the Canadian immigration department through the last several months. These applications were all put on a hold and were on the verge of being cancelled or discarded. The government took this decision to discard all such application files to immigrate to Canada and looked upon them as illegal.

This decision of the government could turn hopes of prospective immigrants into ashes. Butthe association of immigration lawyers saved the applications from being turned down all at once by helping pass the injunctionthrough the court.

Lawyers in Canada helped halt the decision of turning down immigration applications

Immigration lawyers in Quebec associated together, to file a lawsuit against this decision of the government, while fighting for the rights of all immigrants who applied. They appealed to the court that the government’s decision to discard all applications was not legal. This got the injunction passed on the 25th of Feb’2019.

As per the injunction, until Bill 9, which is the immigration reform law, is passed, the current immigration law of the nation has to be abided by the government. Without Bill 9 coming to effect, the government cannot discard immigration applications as of now.

To further strengthen the rights of the applicants and see that no application gets rejected because of the government’s previous stance, the association of lawyers appealed again on Monday. The appeal is for renewing the injunction until a decision about the bill is made by either passing the bill of making the injunction permanent.

The government cannot contest against the request

On Friday a lawyer on behalf of the government presented an email to the court, mentioning the consent of the government in the matter. The motion was passed by the association in such a way that now the government cannot even protest against it.

The association is now contented with the court’s support and decision in the matter. They believe this decision will help show proper justice to the applications that came for immigration at that period when no reforms were made in the law in Canada.

What is the Canadian Immigration Lawyers association president saying?

The president of the lawyers’ association, Guillaume Cliché-Rivard, mentioned in a Tuesday interview, that he is hopeful that the renewal will be granted by the court before the expiry of the injunction. Neither is the case being contested nor debated. Hence if there happens any other decision then both parties will meet at the court on Thursday in the morning.

The president also mentioned that people who are in various forms of distress due to this movement of the government against the immigration files are constantly contacting the association. With that, he also said that the association anticipates that a few hundreds or thousands of files will get processed till June, but still not all pending files would get processed.

Concluding it- Lawyers Hopeful to get Injunction against Canadian Government’s decision to reject Immigration Applications

The good thing, as said by the president is that all the files that were going to be thrown away would now have the chance to get justice and approval. This simply would be because of the renewal of the injunction.



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