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What can you do if your Canadian visa is refused?

Now we all apply for Visa due to several reasons. Some people apply for the work visa for a better future and career, while, some individuals apply for student visa to achieve higher education in their dream universities and colleges. There can be unlimited reasons for individuals applying for a visa.

And, it really becomes frustrating when you have to wait all the while and end up getting the notification of visa rejection through emails in your inbox. However, if you get discouraged and set back, it will certainly not help you. We all wish to get our work done at the first instance, but if not done, then sitting back at home will definitely not going to solve the issue. Let’s check out for the viable options that can help you when your Canadian visa is refused:

What can you do if your Canadian visa is refused?
What can you do if your Canadian visa is refused?

Reconsideration- May request Reconsideration of your Visa Application

In situations where your Canadian visa application is refused due to misunderstanding or insufficient information, you can request for reconsideration. You will need to submit any clarifying or additional information in order to respond to the reasons cited by the decision makers in their refusal.

Appeals to be made to International Appeals Division against Rejection of Canadian Visa

The type of visa you have been denied for by the immigration officers play an important role in determining whether you are an eligible candidate for further appeals. This can be a viable option if you or your immigration lawyer believes that the officers at the immigration department made any kind of incorrect decision when refusing your application.

The major kind of appeal is made via the judicial review in the Federal Court of Canada. In such situations, your main aim is to show the decision makers that they have acted unfairly, against the law or outside their jurisdiction.

In this kind of appeal, a deadline is provided on the basis of your location. If your initial visa refusal was inside the country, you need to make the next appeal within 15 days. On the other hand, if the refusal was made in another place outside Canada, you have 60 days in hand for appeal.

The other kind of appeal can be made to the immigration appeal division. In most of the situations, the immigration appeal division views cases related to refugees and permanent residence, but not the visa applicants. But if your visa application was sponsored by a permanent residentship of Canada and the sponsorship application was refused, you can email to the immigration appeal division.

Re-applying – Make Application to Apply for Canada Visa again after stipulated period usually 6 months

Just similarly like the requests for consideration, you will have to submit clarifying or additional information along with a new application together. This is considered as a good option provided your personal situation has changed a lot in the time since you have submitted the initial application. At the same time, it is quite useful to check out the reason cited in the refusal note so that you can prepare to reinforce those areas in your new application.

For instance, if you fail to provide your immigration officer with satisfactory reasons and answers for supporting yourself financially in the foreign country, in your new application you can get a chance to give information about your new support of income that you missed in your initial application. Also, if you have recently added an extra income source since then, you can add the same for convincing the immigration officers.

No matter whatever is the reason behind your visa refusal, there is no need to lose your heart. There are several options available as well; you can go ahead and hire a professional lawyer who can figure out the best possible approach and strategies to resolve your case. Getting your visa approved after refusal may be a little time taking, but there is no reason for getting disheartened because there are ways to get it approved.



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