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Students are facing troubles to meet the cost of studying abroad

For many people, studying abroad is a dream and only a few of them can pursue the dream successfully. Studying abroad needs exceptional skills and knowledge. Along with these qualities, you need to have money otherwise studying in a foreign nation would become a distant dream for you. In recent time, it has noted that studying in foreign countries has become even more costly affair than earlier.

People undergo different kinds of problems when it comes to studying abroad. The major concern is the cost of education. Even if they can meet up the hefty education fees at colleges, they face problem in living in foreign nations. The rise in global inflation is mainly the reason behind this.

Students are facing troubles to meet the cost of studying abroad
Students are facing troubles to meet the cost of studying abroad

In SF state, study abroad programs are conducted. In such programs, students are encouraged to participate in seminars and workshops to get awareness on studying abroad. Such sessions will help them to understand different aspects of undergoing their courses abroad. Under such programs, students can also learn about the cost or fee of studying abroad. They are given many financial tips as well as resources. These resources can be education loans, scholarship programs, etc. Even though a lot of information is available, students still struggle to deal with the expenses of traveling.

So, what can be done in such a scenario? Well, the answer is difficult to be given, as many things would come into consideration. Many students are ready to work aboard when studying. However, the issue is that conventional jobs have dried up. There are jobs, but people are not getting enough jobs due to lack of specialized skills. So, getting a part-time job has become quite difficult than earlier for the student abroad. In this regard, a few students have been interviewed so that their views or opinions in this matter can be achieved.

Graham Muckenfuss, 29 years old SF state student, has shared his experience in his recent visit to Australia for studying. He started his experience by saying that the experience was quite memorable for him. It was a great and fun experience. Learning is always good when it is fun and that is why it seems everything went well with him. Well, as he described his experience, it gradually became evident that studying abroad is not anymore an easy thing today.

His approach to studying abroad was a little unorthodox. For the first phase of his studying abroad, he booked a hotel. However, staying at a hotel was an immensely costly affair for him. Thereafter, he moved to the college hostel and it proved to be cost-effective, though the cost was still quite high. He said that he did not opt for any jobs, as he had to travel around the new place too.

Another student, Lauren Gee has also shared her experience. She had to face severe financial issues when studying abroad. The cost was almost unbearable for her during her stay abroad for studying. She had to work there to meet her expenses. However, she also said that working as part-timer proved to be wasting precious time for studying.


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