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Frequently Asked Questions About the Permanent Resident Card of Canada

People move out from their home country to another just to seek a better future and lifestyle. One of the perks that one is looking for is getting Permanent Residency of that country. Before Applying for the Permanent Residency Card there are certain doubts in the mind of the person. In this article, we are discussing Frequently Asked Questions About the Permanent Resident Card of Canada.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Permanent Resident Card of Canada
Frequently Asked Questions About the Permanent Resident Card of Canada

Frequently Asked Questions About the Permanent Resident Card of Canada are as follow-

1-Waiting time in the issuance of Permanent Residency card of Canada?

Minimum period is of 45 days for the PR card to be issued once the officials receive the entire package of the documents from the new applicant. In the case of PR card renewal, it generally takes 104 days for the process to be completed. The details of which are available on the Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) website. However, in some cases, people have witnessed a waiting period of several months in the allotment of the PR card. It is better to have a time cushion by your side.

2- Medium through which one will get the Permanent Residency card?

The medium varies with the status of your Residency-

  • For a new permanent resident, the government will mail the card itself on the candidate’s E-mail ID. No application for the same is required.

In case you haven’t provided your E-mail address to the department while you became a permanent resident, You should provide the same to the IRCC through the IRCC online tool within 180 days. Failing which the IRCC may cancel your permanent resident status and you shall have to re-apply for the same. In case you do not receive your PR card within 6 weeks, you must bring it in the notice of IRCC.

  • For an existing Permanent resident, having received the PR card, You will receive the renewed through the same address. However, in some cases, the department may ask you to pick it up from the office. The call to pick up the card from office is made at random and the candidate has to collect it within 180 days, failing which the candidate shall have to apply again.

3- How can I get correction done on my PR card?

The space for name on the PR card is very limited. If a candidate’s name consists of first name, middle name and the last name, the department shortens the name accordingly. However, if the name is misspelled, then you must contact IRCC to re-issue the card.

4- What will happen if I have to go back to my home country after coming to Canada?

The PR card is not just a valid resident proof in Canada, it is also a travel document. Generally, it is expected from you to wait for the PR card before traveling. However, if it is urgent, you must contact IRCC customer care regarding the traveling policy.

5- Do I need to keep the Old valid PR card after I applied for a new one?

You should generally keep your valid PR card until you receive the renewed PR card. You can travel with the current card and use it for entering Canada during the period. However, on getting the renewed PR card,  destroy the previous one.

6-Which Source is helpful in getting Information regarding Permanent Residency Card?

You can visit the IRCC website for further assistance on the issue or can call on their customer care number. You can also get help from the settlement agency in your area. Just search for “Services near me” and search for settlement services in your area.


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