Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program of Canada-Know all About it

Seasonal agricultural worker program (SAWP) is a program offered by the Canadian government which allows employers to hire temporary foreign workers (TFW) in case of the absence of residents. Under this program, immigrants from participating countries are required to work for a maximum of 8 months between the period of 1 January to 15 December provided the employer can offer them 240 hours of work within six weeks or less.

Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program of Canada
Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program of Canada-Know all About it

Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program of Canada-According to the guidelines set for employers for SAWP are required to:-

1) TFWs hired must be from Mexico or the Caribbean Countries which participate in the program.

2) Production must be in specified commodity sectors.

3) The activity must be related to the on-farm primary agriculture.

Participant countries and their role

SAWP operates according to the bilateral agreement between the participant countries and Canada. Role of these countries include :

1) Recruitment and selection of TFWs

2) Workers have all the necessary documents

3) Maintain a pool of qualified workers

4) Appoint representatives to assist workers

The participant country must ensure specific requirements :

  • Candidates must be experienced in farming
  • At least 18 years of age
  • A permanent citizen of the participant country
  • Abide by the Canadian immigration laws and the laws of his own country

General Eligibility requirements to work under the Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program of Canada –

  • Prove to the officer that they will leave Canada on expiry of their work permit.
  • Show that they are financially able to take care of themselves and their family members in Canada.
  • Must obey the law and should not have a criminal history.
  • Should not pose a threat to Canada’s security.
  • Should be a healthy person.
  • Should not even plan to work with an ineligible employer who fails to meet the requirements.
  • Should not plan to work with an employer who, on a consistent basis offers striptease, erotic dance or massages
  • Provide the officer with any other document that he requires for their entry.

Note: Impaired drivers or people with cannabis-related addiction are not allowed at all in the country.

Eligibility Requirements if you apply from within Canada

  1. Residing in Canada with a valid permit.
  2. Graduated from a Canadian university or any other institute that Canada approves of.
  3. Have a temporary resident permit with more than six months of validity.
  4. Have applied for permanent residency in Canada.
  5. Have asked for refugee status in Canada.
  6. Have not been given refugee status but could not be removed as well.
  7. Are allowed to work without the work permit.

Work Permit under the Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program of Canada

For working in Canada, the very first thing you require is Work Permit. But before that, the employer has to submit the Labor Market Report Assessment to hire TFW under SAWP. After which the candidate can put forward his application to the IRCC. If only IRCC finds the assessment positive, TFW gets the work permit.


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