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How can you plan your own Brexit? 10 countries for EU residential security

As there is the buzz-phrase all around that Britain might be exiting the EU – but it does not imply at all that you also have to. There are several countries across the continent holding programs allowing foreign citizens to invest for the residency.

How can you plan your own Brexit? 10 countries for EU residential security
How can you plan your own Brexit? 10 countries for EU residential security

The study conducted by the citizenship consultancy firm Henley and Partners analyzes Brexit programs being offered by the governments all across the globe. Accordingly, we are going to discuss some of the best European countries where you can get easy and cheap access to residency.

Here is list of Countries where you can Immigrate faster and economically


How can you qualify for Bulgaria’s residency program? Just deposit the amount of €500,000 in the bond portfolio of the Bulgarian government for 5 years, and there you go. Voila, you can get qualified for the program.


As we all know that banking and financial crisis have shaken the country from its core. Just like Belgium, Italy, France, Germany and Austria, Greece is also a part of the E.U.

The ownership of the passport will provide you with the same status in Western Europe as a citizen of the E.U. powerhouses. The Greek government needs money and hence, selling the passports at an irresistible rate. If you can manage just € 95,000, you will pass the background check easily. Again, if you can just wait for minimum 3 months, you will get the Greek citizenship with all the amazing benefits that one can expect to get with the E.U. passport.


With just a mere amount of €350, 000 plus 5% government fee, you can manage to get a temporary residence permit in Latvia


You can obtain the E.U. membership along with the Maltese passport at just €1.1 million. You can become a member of the British Commonwealth, which indicates that if the future Brexit campaigns happen in real and UK elects to get abandoned from the European Union, you can stay behind and work in Britain as a Maltese passport holder for as long as you want. At the same time, you can enjoy full working and living access to all the European countries.

The Maltese passport is indeed the best option on the European market. The Maltese passport is worth every cent. After making the investment, you just need to wait for a year to get your citizenship.


If you want to become a resident of Spain, just invest €2 million in the government debt. Again, like the Portugals, you can manage to get the resident permit by purchasing a property worth € 500,000.


Well, getting residency in this country can cost you a bit more. But, at the minimum, you can get away with € 450,000. You invest this amount in property in Portugal and you are in! Alternatively, if you can create 10 jobs in the country or transfer € 1 million in any of the Portuguese bank accounts, your citizenship is guaranteed.


This is undoubtedly an upmarket tourist destination, which is quite popular for the stunning sea beaches that are preferred by tourists for all kinds of driving, diverse rainforest and legendary Mayan ruins.

In the business world of Europe and US, Guatemala citizenship is quite popular. Owners can enjoy the access to country’s discrete banking, tax system and hi-tech shelters as per with the Central American Neighbours Panama.


The residents of this country are not at all obliged to pay capital gain tax, income tax or wealth tax. Foreigners can secure residency here by depositing a minimum of € 500,000 into the bank account. This amount will be deposited with the bank during your stay in Cyprus.


You can purchase real estate worth around € 300,000 or even more, which is enough to get the citizenship of this breathtaking Mediterranean island.



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