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Canada’s Lottery System is a Hoax-Not valid to Get the Green Card

Canada has appeared as a dream home for people looking for stability and quality in their life. Their medical superiority and the standard of living has invited a lot of attention from the citizens living an average lifestyle in other developing or under-developed countries. But as much as it excited the immigrants, it is difficult to get it. Candian Govt declared Canada’s Lottery System is a Hoax and invalid for getting Green Card.
declared Canada's Lottery System is a Hoax.
Canada’s Lottery System is a Hoax-Not valid to Get the Green Card

Canada’s Lottery System is a Hoax-Green Card and Competition made Companies take Advantage of the Immigrants-

A green card holder can live in the country for as many days as he wants without any restrictions. But getting a green card isn’t an easy task, Canadian PR is one of the toughest to achieve. Though Canada offers many programs for immigration purposes even then, the competition makes it tough to get through.

People have Found a Way to Fool Immigrants-Canadian Lottery System

Recently a new way to get Canadian green card has started making rounds. It is a lottery system similar to the U.S. lottery system for the Green Card. People get approached by a particular website or some company for the lottery which may immediately provide them with the green card of Canada. People contacted are often those people who get rejected in their chance to US Visa, and they see it as a chance to grab. They may contact you by some SMS or by social media or through the mail or in some cases through a team of individuals. They ask the concerned parties to fill up their details like name, contact details, occupation, and even the credit card details.

Reality Check of Lottery System: Valid or Just a Hoax

So the question comes on its genuineness of the offer. Some believe its authenticity while some other just merely don’t. As of now, the Canadian immigration has negated any such program or lottery. So all the news, emails, messages are just a fraud. They use the details to loot the party of its privacy and even the money for that matter.

CONCLUSION-Canada’s Lottery System is a Hoax

The only way to enter Canada is through the Express Entry run by the Federal Government of Canada. What needs to be noted is that the Canadian government has given no such lottery system a go. Only USA has a lottery system for green card currently which is also known as DV lottery as well. It is always better to be safe than sorry, after all, it’s about your hard earned money.


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