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All about the Parents who Choose Birth Tourism to Get US Citizenship

Section 1 of 14 Amendment of the US Constitution says that any child who is born on the soil of US is considered as Citizen of the US. The matter of fact if the child born on any of the Territory of the US will be regarded as the US Citizen. Stay tuned to know All about the Parents who Choose Birth Tourism to Get US Citizenship.

Birth Tourism to Get US Citizenship

Birth Tourism to Get US Citizenship -Only way for Parents to get Citizenship is through the Child-

The born child will automatically receive US Citizenship, but his or her Parent will only be eligible when their child will turn 21 and ready to sponsor his or her parents. It is all up to the child if he or she only wishes to do the same and if he or she is financially stable enough to sponsor.

Sponsoring allow the Parents only to have Green Card to stay not the Citizenship-

After sponsoring the parents will get Green Card for staying in the country but to get Citizenship and Naturalization the parents have to live for a further five years to get the same. So considering first 21 years of child and an additional five years, total 26 years it took for the parents to get Citizenship of the US.

Parents will be no longer eligible for the Citizenship if the Child Denies to Sponsor-

In case the Child is not capable of sponsoring the parents, then the parents are no longer eligible for Immigrant Visa or get Citizenship. The worst situation is that parents can’t apply for the immigrant Visa by themselves.

Benefits of the Birth Tourism-

  1. The child will get all the benefits related to the Healthcare.
  2. The child can come and go from the US many times he or she wants to and that too with no fees.
  3. The child with the US visa can travel to many countries without any need of Visa to travel.
  4. The child can sponsor his or her parents and relatives to come and stay in the US.
  5. The child will be eligible to access Government Benefits like getting free education starting from the primary level to the higher studies. Getting graduation from the US universities will get you more future opportunities to get Job.
  6. The child will be eligible to apply and get Government jobs.
  7. The child will get all the voter’s right.

Disadvantages of delivering a baby on the US Soil-

  1. Parents being the citizen of India, the child will not enjoy the voting rights in India.
  2. You are no longer applicable to buy any land be it agricultural or other property.
  3. The child born on US soil is no longer eligible to apply for the Indian Government Jobs.
  4. All the income of Child in the US is under the surveillance of US IRS and child has to pay taxes to which he or she is applicable. Thanks to Double Tax Avoidance Agreement (DTAA) signed between India, and the US doesn’t have to pay tax to Indian Government.
  5. Accordance with the Law the child has to declare his or her income (FBAR) annually.


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