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Skilled labor? Immigrate to Canada even without a Job Offer

The Canadian government has put forward various programs for immigrants to secure them with not only a permanent job but also with permanent citizenship. Not only this, but the government also ensures that a person need not obtain a job for himself before if he is here to stay. So if you are Skilled labor? Immigrate to Canada even without a Job Offer.

Skilled labor? Immigrate to Canada even without a Job Offer
Skilled labor? Immigrate to Canada even without a Job Offer

Skilled labor? Immigrate to Canada even without a Job Offer

Coming to Canada without a job offer might sound luring to anyone who is not very happy to stay in his home country or is dissatisfied with the work environment because Canada has been offering a full scope, especially in the labor market.

The labor market in Canada luring immigrants-

One is well aware that looking at Canadian economy and infrastructure it needs skilled workers who can increase their work pace and boost the economy. The lack of manual labor is making it very difficult for business groups to compete with other global economies. Therefore, they are looking forward to welcoming people from all across the world who are skilled and fit their needs in all spheres, be it finance, health or construction to name a few.

Any person interested can apply for permanent residency in Canada after doing the following-

  1. Go through an evaluation and must pass a test which is in point format. This exam will then decide if he is “skilled” enough to come and join any of the employers at various levels of business.
  2. Have at least one year of experience in any of the occupations which are enlisted by the government.

The government also overlooks the fact that the person is not employed by any Canadian company or not. Therefore the criteria become smoother for those who are genuinely interested. To make it easier, the Canadian government has also enlisted various programs and groups where an individual can see where he fits. To begin with:

  • Those who have completed their Ph.D. program can apply for a permanent residency.
  • Those who are working in Canada as dealers or tradesperson can apply. These individuals may not be necessarily locals.
  • Those who are living in Canada without a job but have families in any Canadian province.

The opportunities are numerous, but there is a limitation to the number of people who can apply through these programs. The government has limited the number of persons for each field so that those who are more deserving can join first. This limit is revised annually. For example, the threshold to take employees from the Ph.D. mentioned above program is set at 5000.


Finally one can say that opportunity is knocking at the door, especially for those who are talented in their fields and Canada is becoming a suitable medium for them, thus fulfilling the aim of both the sides.


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