New Immigration Rules for the Year 2019 by Canadian Government

The Canadian government has updated its Immigration rules for the year 2019 which includes its multi-year immigration plan for the period of 2018-2021. They plan to accept around 1 million more PR immigrants from around the world. Let’s further look into the New Immigration Rules for the Year 2019 by Canadian Government.

New Immigration Rules for the Year 2019

New Immigration Rules for the Year 2019- Provinces too have made it easier for the immigrants to come to Canada-

Even IRCC plans to update its immigration target to 350,000 till the year 2021. Apart from these changes, Alberta immigrant nominee program (AINP) has launched express entry in the year 2018. Also Saskatchewan immigrant nominee program(SINP) brought about a significant change in its Immigration rule by swapping its first come first serve basis by new EOI (Expression of interest) rule with effect from July 16, 2018. Carrying on with the change in regulations, immigration department of Ontario, Ontario immigrant nominee program (OINP) has decided to ease down a bit and agreed to accept with CRS score below 400 which they earlier denied, although some conditions would be laid down along with it and the immigrant would be required to fulfill them.

Some significant changes are as below-

  • IRCC also lowered down the child dependency age from 19 it has been raised to under 22.
  • The Canadian government has removed the conditional resident rule.
  • Canada will treat French as an official language, and an immigrant with a strong command of French language can bag up to 30 additional CRS points.
  • Having a sibling in Canada will also mean an immigrant can earn up to 15 additional CRS points.
  • Creating an account in Canada Job Bank is not a compulsion any more, rather it would be a choice of the immigrant.

Comprehensive Ranking System will depend on various factors-

Express entry happens to be the best way to get admission in the country. It depends on a certain CRS score, higher the score, more the chances. Various Factors are as follows-

  • Age- Normally 18-35 is the age bracket which fetches maximum points.
  • Education factor- Higher education means more points.
  • Language proficiency- Sitting in an IELTS exam tells you about your CRS score, more marks and easier it gets, generally, a score above 8 fetches more points.
  • Work experience- Work experience of more than three years adds up the point.
  • Being nominated by a province- Although all the above factors are essential if you get chosen by a province, you earn 600 points directly which secures your Canada PR invitation.

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