Don’t let a temporary shift make a hole in your resume

Studying abroad is one of the most common dreams in present times. The prime hub for most students has been Canada. Canada has experienced a massive turnout of international students, from every part of the world. Many of these students have a spouse or a partner accompanying them to Canada, while they complete their studies. While this acts as a great support system for the student, many of the accompanying partners find it difficult to keep up the pace of their careers. So Don’t let a temporary shift make a hole in your resume.

Don’t let a temporary shift make a hole in your resume
Don’t let a temporary shift make a hole in your resume

Don’t let a temporary shift make a hole in your resume by accepting the following five ways-

Here are five ways in which you can walk your career like a breeze as your partner finishes up his/her dream of studying in an international space:

  • Openwork permit- Apply before starting working there-

Canada has got your back on this one! Accompanying partners of international students can freely apply for an open work permit. It shall be valid for as long as your partner’s study permit. A study permit is a flexible means to help you in your stay in the country. A job is not related to it, which is its most significant advantage.

You need to submit a couple of papers or go online and get yourself a permit. Getting a permit should probably be your first step while planning on setting up a temporary, long-term stay in the Canadian state.

  • Brush up those language skills- To set into the Canadian Culture

One of the most common and apparent barriers when it comes to surviving abroad is getting comfortable with the language. A wide range of accompanying international partners, mainly from the European countries, find it difficult to “Canada-ise” themselves because they are not well-versed in English.

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In present times, there are some official and unofficial courses available to fluent your English. If you haven’t had such an opportunity, you can always mingle with the local crowd and level up your language skills.

  • Networking- Make your Contact List Strong-

Don’t let a temporary shift make a hole in your resume by working on your network. Building networks are the motto of the working population all over the world. It is a common phenomenon followed in Canada. Most of the jobs here are secured through networks of personal and professional contacts. Next time you better be careful when you dump those business cards away.

Even if you do not have professional motives, networking is always a big plus for a content life in Canada – and just about anywhere else. It provides you with a society of harmony, support, and friendship.

  • Be tactful- Gather some references and Volunteer to get Work Experience-

We all know the final loop of work life – to apply for a job you need work experience, but to gain work experience you need a job! A variation of this loop is another barrier for accompanying partners: employers prefer candidates with prior Canadian work experience and references.

If this is your cause of frustration, you can overcome this in the way we usually do – gather some references, if you don’t have the experience! Some decent and easy ways are to volunteer with an established organization which will give you recognition and recommendation letters. Moreover, their goodwill will look fine on your resume. Once you have an almost solid grip over this problem, you can focus and pursue jobs of your field of choice.

  • Explore all options -explore all the programs offered by Canadian Universities

Well, this one’s the most obvious thing to do. Research on all your available options – they could be from the communist societies, government schemes or even at your partner’s university programs! With an immense turnout of international students, many Canadian universities provide separate plans for the partners accompanying their international students.

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Following these tips (plus any creative ones you may have picked up while reading this article) will get you closer to your target in the pursuit of your career goals. A superior foreign experience will surely look fine on your resume back home. Don’t let a temporary shift make a hole in your resume.