Fake Marriages for Canadian Visa comes with consequences

Everybody is just willing to go to Canada, for that they do many illegal things, one of the crime is to marry the permanent resident falsely. It’s a kind of shortcut just to enter Canada. It’s a crime to marry falsely, and some also pay money for this. So, be careful if you are a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident or you should be also careful while meeting someone out of your country while traveling. Fake Marriages for Canadian Visa come with consequences.

Fake Marriages for Canadian Visa come with consequences
Fake Marriages for Canadian Visa comes with consequences

Fake Marriages for Canadian Visa come with consequences but once legally married can apply for spouse visa-

So some of the people think that going to Canada has a shortcut key like to marry a Canadian citizen so that they easily enter Canada. So you should think carefully because before marrying someone and sponsoring them to come with you, only:

  • When you’ve just met them
  • You need to check what are they you been marrying in a common-law relationship many times
  • Or do they need a quick marriage
  • Or they haven’t shared all the required information about family or background.

Conditions for Sponsors to Sponsor his or her Spouse-

So if you want to sponsor your spouse, you should give the financial status for 3 years even if the marriage or relationship fails. It’s somewhat like a legal contract with the government of Canada where you should meet its terms.

  • if your spouse uses social assistance, you all have to repay the money. Also, you can’t sponsor anyone else unless you repay all debt.
  • actually, it’s a crime to marry a permanent resident just to enter Canada.

Marriage of Convenience

In some of the cases, the spouses or foreign applicants set up a ”marriage of convenience”. This is a common law relationship which needs a sole purpose to let the sponsored spouse or partner immigrant to Canada.

So the officers are specialized to recognize real immigration applicants. They know how to observe false marriages. They have many ways to spot false marriages:

  • Visits to peoples home
  • Document checking
  • Interviews with applicants and sponsors

A Canadian citizen or permanent residents who are in a marriage of convenience for immigration reasons may be charged with some crime.

Sponsors-Fake Marriages for Canadian Visa come with consequences

Don’t be so pleased with offers of money or other rewards just to marry a person, so he/she can immigrate to Canada. If you do so you are committing a crime. So just don’t take the risk, it’s not worth.

Fake Marriages for Canadian Visa come with consequences as mentioned Below-

Don’t be in these false marriages because it can harm you in many ways like can refuse the visa and maybe ban from travel to Canada for like five years. It will be recorded forever, we know that even genuine marriages also fails. But marriage to convenience come to Canada as an immigrate, we may:

  • Deport a person from Canada
  • Not allow that person to enter Canada for 5 years, like ban them and
  • Can take legal action against that person which commits the crime.

Top questions about scams and fraud-

  • If fees not paid, will I be arrested or deported?
  • I receive many threats from someone who says the mat they are from the immigration department. Is it a scam?
  • What happens if I owe IRCC money? Will you call to ask for unpaid fees?
  • Do you accept prepaid credit cards, money gram or western union to pay my fees?
  • Will you be asking some personal information over the phone?

How you can be protected from frauds?

  • By checking down on immigration fraud.
  • You should know your rights so that you be careful.
  • You should know how to report fraud.
  • Watch out from frauds  – the newcomers who come to Canada
  • You should check the internet, telephone scams or emails.
  • Document fraud (Misrepresentation)- checking should be done.


You should be careful regarding these things if you want to enter Canada you can apply your file through study visa else you can apply for a tourist visa. These things are safe and legal. Rather than applying fake ids of visas, you can just follow these legal steps.

Diksha Garg

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