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Increasing Fraud Applications for studying in Canada- Loopholes in the Admission Process!

In order to ensure the legitimacy in their application process, The University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI) has decided to come up with solutions to bolster this process. Nearly 50 fraud applications were detected during the admission process in the year 2017-2018; whereas there were just 10 such application cases two years ago. This Increasing Fraud Applications- Loopholes in the Admission Process trigger the scrutinizing process.

Increasing Fraud Applications for studying in Canada- Loopholes in the Admission Process!
Increasing Fraud Applications for studying in Canada- Loopholes in the Admission Process!

Reasons for Increasing Fraud Applications- Loopholes in the Admission Process

  1. Use Backchannel to cover-up their Grades-

According to Mr.Wang, director of recruitment and international admissions the students are opting for such backchannels to cover up for their poor grades and overall academic performance. So, to continue their further studies, the students prefer such ways to score a seat in these reputed institutions.

  1. Use Back Channels to get the Canadian Citizenship-

Moreover, the race of getting Canadian citizenship also results in students doing such unlawful activities. It’s noted that it’s the non-serious students who opt for such paths rather than the serious ones who actually work hard to score a seat for themselves.

  1. Use Back Channels to earn more and more Money-

Working illegally to earn money is another issue which adds up to the reason for applying for fake documentations as Canada provides ample opportunities for those in need. However, still, these reasons can’t be accredited for approximately 1000 admissions at UPEI. The task of interpreting the ulterior motive behind this move has left the authorities in a fix.

Back-Channels- Few have Made Business out of this

Few students themselves try to forge the documents. Meanwhile few people have made this a business and are deriving huge profits out of it, such companies are termed as “diploma mills” which facilitate the whole task of getting fake degrees and certificates which look authentic in a true sense.

More International Students= Rich Culture and Vibrant Community

International Students play a very important role in forming the community of a college. The diversity in the student groups leads to a culture rich vibrant community wherein people from all races, gender exists peacefully and in harmony.

Repercussions of Faking Applications- Delay or even cancellation of the application

According to Mr.Wang, a delay is caused in the processing of the application by the authorities due to complexities results into a delay in admission as it takes a great time to sort out the genuine application from the fake ones.

Hence, the universities are forced to make changes in their procedures, which is a whole lot of chaos in itself as the students, as well as the college authorities, are accustomed to the current process.

Universities are being forced to take some Legal action-

Now the University registrations are being reviewed, to scan the applications making it troublesome for the universities. A due legal action is being taken against the illegal immigrants by the Canada Border Service Agency. However, no particular agency is accused of doing this task.

Twice a year check on the Academic Status of International Students-

A compliance report submitted by the Designated Learning Institutions twice a year to keep a check on the academic and enrolment status of the foreign students.

Hence, Canadian administration is strengthening its ties within the system to increase the efficiency of the admission process and make a rigorous system for the same.


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