Marriage – Trump card from Deportation – EXPIRED!

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE) is on a spree of deporting unauthorized immigrants which are resulting in additional stress for the ones who are married in a legit way and have all the proofs and pieces of evidence stating the same. Recently, a couple, Mr. and Mrs. Arriaga have issued a notice regarding the violation of marriage rules and their marriage was considered to be illegitimate.

Though they were able to win the case against the federal agency by showing their old marriage pictures from Facebook, son’s birth certificate, letter of affirmation from relatives as proof but the scene was so chaotic and full of agony for the family. Let’s see what will happen when Marriage – Trump card from Deportation – EXPIRED?

Marriage - Trump card from Deportation – EXPIRED
Marriage – Trump card from Deportation – EXPIRED!

Marriage – Trump card from Deportation – EXPIRED- Fake marriages being an easy way out to get citizenship

Fake marriages have been a trend in the United States as it eases the process of getting a legal residence. As per the strict rules and regulations of Trump’s administration towards the immigrants, the rigid norms aim at eliminating the issue of fake marriages as well in this spree.

Innocent people with original marriages and documents facing harassment-

Because of such hard approach, even the innocent ones who have clear records were arrested and interrogated which results in mental torture and harassment. As per the people, all these norms are being implemented haphazardly, fundamental rights are being violated as legal arrest process is not being carried out which might lead to a severe backlash from the citizens itself.

The innocent ones are facing most adversities, recently Mr. and Mrs. Oliveria were at the target when they were deprived of visa to go abroad for their honeymoon because of lack of green card which they didn’t apply for because they didn’t want anyone to consider their marriage as a fake one, merely for green card. They were also deprived of the car insurance and credit card facilities; on top of that Mr.Oliveria was arrested as he was considered a criminal under the charges of fake marriage.

President Trump has only aimed at deporting immigrants regardless of any Criminal Background-

Under the regime of the erstwhile president, Mr. Obama, people without criminal records were left off and only the immigrants with a criminal history were taken for investigation. But the Trump administration seems to have rolled their sleeves to set on a mission of deporting immigrants. The number of arrests has significantly increased as compared to 2017.

Mostly the soft targets are those who are unaware of the policies making them an easy target for the enforcement agencies.

Strict security Checks have been implied during Visa and Interview process-

Fake Marriages was used as a Trump Card by many to get through the process of obtaining the green card and it had become a trend among the immigrants due to which the government was forced to take such steps. The Obama Administration had created a waiver to overcome the deportation process, as in the security checks were scrutinized and additional clauses were added in certification, add up an interview in the process of interview.

But now, even the interview process is hardened.

Ending lines- Strict Rules increasing Stress levels of Immigrants-

As per the immigration lawyers in New England, the number of cases of arrests due to fake marriages are increasing. And now it’s being advised by the lawyers to skip marriage interviews as the date of issue of the order of their deportation is outdated but the legal documents which are in the custody need to be released as a person can’t obtain legal education without them.

Hence, the strict norms and random arrests are increasing mental stress for the citizens which will affect the demographics of the country and ultimately their economy.

Diksha Garg

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