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Racism still a curse in the 21st century in Canada

Reports from Statistics Canada has once again shown that there is a huge level of demarcation between the salary paid to the whites and nonwhites in Ontario and racism prevails with no stern action by the federal government to improve the situation. The women are in much more worsened condition than men in this inequality. Up to what extent Racism still a curse in the 21st century in Canada?

Racism still a curse in the 21st century in Canada
Racism still a curse in the 21st century in Canada

Racism still a curse in the 21st century in Canada- Surprised but it is the truth

It might sound astonishing as we are in a globalized world but reports and statistics show otherwise. The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives mentions that there is a vast inequality in the labor market and even if the workers are skilled they are not considered over a white. This also leads to an increase in the unemployment rate which forces the individual to look for negative means to earn money to save his family. This shows that Ontario may be a part of developed countries, there is still a long way to go to attain basic humanism and open-mindedness.

Senior economist, Sheila Block, who is also the co-author of the study done by Ryerson professor, Grace Edward Galabuzi, has observed that due to immigration, the racialized population has shown a hike. Also, the labor market needs employees. In spite of this, there’s a hike in inequality as soon as the race comes into the picture.

Efforts of racialized workers go unnoticed- They face discrimination due to their color-

The number of racialized workers might have increased but still, they are not given employment due to their color. It has been noted that the racialized workers put in more effort than their white peers which automatically creates a rift between the two and make them rivals of each other. The rate of unemployment is even higher in racialized women (10:8.7) than in men. Even if offered a job it has a very minimal salary and maximum workload.

So the immigrants have now, one more hurdle to cross, that of Racism.

Step by Ontario Government towards Racism- Protection Laws have been introduced

The Ontario government has done its bit by adding protection laws so that immigrants who are also not white (they can be anything; Black, Latin Americans or even Filipino) and are given low wages, bad working conditions, and no social strata or the right to form a workers’ union can bring themselves forward . These people try hard to fit into the image, by giving their best efforts but the real change still needs to come, not in the employment sectors and so on but in the minds and hearts of humans made by the same God irrespective of their race, caste or creed.


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