Migrating to the United States? Is the US citizenship worth all the wait and money?

The issue of becoming a citizen of United States have been through critics and reviews for a long time now. One is well aware that immigrants spend thousands of their hard earned money to become the citizens of the United States; in order to secure a job and their family’s future. But it is also true that the process of becoming a member of the .S community soaks an average person of all his earnings and in many cases, there is no worth and result of such a hefty process. Let’s see further is really US citizenship worth all the wait and money?

US citizenship worth all the wait and money
Migrating to the United States? Is the US citizenship worth all the wait and money?

Is the US citizenship worth all the wait and money? Let’s hear it from the people who went through this hefty procedure

There are examples of various people from different backgrounds which show that it might be an agonizing situation for immigrants, there are still a large number of the group who get their citizenship after a hard-fought battle.

Sheila who is from West Chester Twp. and Josue Fuentes of Venezuela have successfully gained naturalized citizenship and are currently staying in Fairfield. They spoke about their journey, the hurdles and the cost of becoming a U.S citizen (around $4000). This amount could have exceeded if they would have hired an attorney for immigration cases.

Sheila Fuentes have accepted that it was indeed a very irritating and unduly extended process which empties one’s pocket as well. Sheila had applied for a fiancé visa after she got engaged which in turn gave access to Josue of a so-called conditional Green Card which was why they reapplied for it after they got married in the year 2010. They had to go through various interviews and it is quite amusing to say that when they got their citizenship they had their seven-month-old son in their hands.

Cincinnati Offers a Little hope for Immigration- Records have shown that

Statistics have revealed that Cincinnati has ranked first in allowing immigrants to their territory. This might be a political move, but the gesture was welcomed by not only the outsiders but the local residents’ also.in the past five years i.e. from 2009 onwards till 2013, about 3.6 million people have become citizens of United States out of which around 46,873 are residents of Ohio (Cincinnati is the third largest city in Ohio).

Though the usual time in which one is granted citizenship exceeds from as much as three to five years, at least it’s a positive beginning. The immigrants are mostly Indian followed by Chinese and Mexican population. The rules of the United States clearly mentions that one has to fulfill certain standards of residency after they are given the GreenCard. Helanie Tasch, Cincinnati’s Field Office Director for the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services have said that immigrants who are keen have always crossed all the barriers and succeeded to come out as citizens of the country.

But the Immigrants Who Choose Illegal ways have to Deal with Strict Punishment

Some immigrants take wrong methods, like crossing the border illegally (about $5000 to $6000 per person) which is actually very dangerous as it causes border crisis and is dealt with quite severely by the government.

U.S Senator, Rob Portman, Cincinnati, and Sherrod Brown, Davon both agree that reforms should be made to the lengthy and costly immigration process so that people do not need to break laws.