New Changes In Family Sponsorship to be introduced by the Canadian Government

As per a notification released by Canadian immigration departments program to take record of details of parents and grandparents soon be shared with Public. Keeping the Priority of family Reunification on Top, the Government has decided new changes that will be implemented during the admission of January 2019  which will rule out the prevalent lottery system and make it redundant than ever. From now on first come will be first served. Let’s take a look at the New Changes In Family Sponsorship to be introduced by the Canadian Government.

New Changes in Family Sponsorship to be introduced

New Changes In Family Sponsorship to be introduced by the Canadian Government-

Family Reunification is the top priority of the Canadian Government in introducing the changes-

The main aim behind introducing this policy is to strengthen the family bond and reunite them in a true sense. The aforementioned program is already getting positive feedbacks as the need for the scholarship is increasing among the native citizens and the permanent residents. The target is to increase the number of Parents and Grandparents sponsor application from 17,000 to 20,500 in the coming year of 2019and this is also presumed that the number will be increased to 21,000 in future.

The criticism being faced by the Lottery system-

Potential sponsor highly criticized the Lotter or Draw system as it leaves them in the uncertainty of reuniting with their loved ones. So in the response of Criticism the Ahmed Hussen, the immigration minister and other IRCC officers decide to make the process more transparent to the sponsors.

What are the Changes that will come in 2019 processing of Application Forms of Family Sponsorship from that of 2018-

  • Now as soon as the interested Sponsor filled the application the process will start instead of waiting for all application to be filled and lottery to be taken out. First come will be served First.
  • After receiving the invitation sponsor has to submit the documents in the window of 90 days.

Meanwhile, the application window will be opened in January.

Targets that have been set for the year 2019-

Canada is planning to increase the number of applications in 2019 from 17,000 to 20,000 due to which the details of the new guidelines will be released soon so that the students are familiar with the conditions and prepare the details in advance.

Such targets and new norms are believed to increase the number of applicants.

Diksha Garg

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