Thai Workers Alerted Before Looking at Lucrative Offers in Canada

One is well aware of the fact that Canada has been constantly needing workers and the federal government has also been working on the otherwise rigid immigration system so as to welcome as many “job hunters “as possible. The lack of employees at different strata of business has forced Canada to let in immigrants. But Thai Government keeping the interest of Thai Workers Alerted Before Looking at Lucrative Offers in Canada.

Thai Workers Alerted Before Looking at Lucrative Offers in Canada
Thai Workers Alerted Before Looking at Lucrative Offers in Canada

Thai Workers Alerted Before Looking at Lucrative Offers in Canada- Fake websites posing a serious threat to immigrants-

The director general of Department of Employment(DOE), Phetcharat Sinuay has informed Thai workers that Canada might be looking for workers, but only skilled ones and right now that too are in the farm sector. Therefore those folks who are looking for foreign jobs should be very careful as most of these offers are fake. They are visible online and offer a hefty amount of salary but before that, they also loot the person through various forms of entrance fees and so on. There have also been cases where a foreigner somehow reaches the foreign land and is at complete loss posing a threat not only mentally or economically but also physically in many cases.

Time to rethink and reconsider the Decision of Moving to Canada-

Director General Sinuay has come up with confirmation of phone numbers starting with code 050 as well, where these fraudsters ask for various crucial information of those who have applied to their own advantages. The DOE has also given the information that Canada has rejected the visas of many immigrants recently as they did not fulfill the criteria of skills wanted by the employers. Therefore, General Sinuay has advised that people should not leave their already safe and fixed jobs to work in a foreign land which might actually be a hoax.

It has clearly been pointed out that before taking a step forward to these online jobs, one should examine these sites, find out about the business groups or companies; whether they are really genuine or not and if it’s not a fake group altogether.  This step of DOE is really a very positive one which can save a lot of people who spend their hard earned savings to get a job for making their kids future safe. At least then there will be no false hopes which are more difficult to absorb.

Diksha Garg

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