Labor Crisis in Japan – A lookout for an immigrant waiting to immigrate to Japan

Labor Crisis in Japan - A lookout for an immigrant
Labor Crisis in Japan – A lookout for an immigrant

The lawmakers, in Japan, have introduced relaxing measures in their visa regime as a solution to the labor crisis. Therefore it has opened a window for many of the skilled labor to get an opportunity to start working in Japan. This article will include every parameter from steps taken by the Japanese Government to what parameters will attract the skilled labor to criticism by the local Japanese people to what future immigrants hold in Japan. Stay tuned to know how Labor Crisis in Japan – A lookout for an immigrant.


Labor Crisis in Japan – A lookout for an immigrant Skilled Labor

Steps were taken by the Japanese Government to lure the Skilled Workers

  • A bill was approved by the diet stating that a significant number of 5-year duration visas will be granted to the unskilled laborers for low-wage jobs the first ever time.
  • This move is not only surprising for the Japanese citizens but has also astonished the neighbors. The nation which was said to have one of the most draconian laws is now doing quite opposite as per its pattern.

Driving Factors which can Attract Skilled Labor to a Country Like Japan

  • Economics and Demographics are the major key factors driving this change as Japan’s workforce is aging day by day resulting in declining efficiency and vacancies.
  • Japan’s considered as a super-aged nation which increases the need for healthcare and pensions.
  • Japan is not the only country to be facing this problem, the already developed countries like US, UK, France will soon face the same issue and on top of that, the rigid policies of EU & US towards the immigrants might add more to the crisis. Hence, there’s a scope for a shift in power from host counties to immigrants.
  • Japan’s secure environment policies and strong safety records are good factors to induce the workers to apply for Japan Visa.

Japanese Government has to face Criticism by the Local Citizens in Inviting Skilled Labor from other Countries-

  • Positive Move towards immigrants is being criticized a lot by the local citizens as it prompts a feeling of insecurity among the masses.
  • Though the change is being reluctantly accepted by the masses. But the fact that immigrants will actually make the country stronger can’t be denied.
  • As per the previous history of Japan, foreign workers have a bit of an aversion due to previous sanctions imposed by them in the aftermath of World War 2.
  • Also, Japan’s allegedly used Student to fill the labor shortage.
  • As per the prevalent norms – a technical trainee can only work in Japan for 5 years, however, there’s a proposal in the pipeline to extend this duration.

Way-Forward- Immigration will help Japanese Economy to Grow

The decline workforce put a huge pressure on the PM Shinzo Abe and made them realize well in the time that this problem can’t be dealt with Internal Measures alone. Inviting Immigrants is a way of seeing Growth in the country.

Diksha Garg

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