Questioning the future of International Students in Canada

It is a dream of every student to get settled internationally and secure their future. But recent studies have shown that as far as Canada is concerned international students face a really hard time to secure a place for themselves. This information is gathered from the Ryerson Centre of Immigration and Settlement itself which puts a big question mark on young students trying to achieve goals internationally. Is it right to Questioning the future of International Students in Canada?

Questioning the future of International Students in Canada
Questioning the future of International Students in Canada

Questioning the future of International Students in Canada- Students have to go through a long and painful process of 90- Days

Being in the 21st Century the reasons which have come forward is not really positive at all. Canadian advisor, Yun Kyng Woo, blames it on the immigrant students; stating it as their responsibility to maintain their legal documents. We cannot ignore the fact that the Canadian immigration process is a 90-day procedure which is quite difficult and undoubtedly long and painful.

Stating it as the complete responsibility of students and creating so many hurdles in the way puts a big question mark on

“Does Canada really want to welcome International student?”

Hurdles for International Students-

Reports from trusted sources also tell us that there is a huge gap between international students and domestic ones. The reason for this is astonishingly the accent which immigrants will obviously not have. So if international students have no friends or contacts it’s hard to survive.

The statistics reveal that if it’s a 4-year course at any university, one-third of the international students fail to make even a single domestic friend.

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Very conveniently the blame is put on the international students of being an introvert or not bright enough to connect with others.

Overcoming the Difficulties and Looking Forward to Open Minds-

There are International Students Services (ISS) which have come forward to make it easier for international students by teaching them how to complete the immigrant policies as well as cross-language and nation barriers so as to be friends with local people and domestic students.

Though the ratio of advisors is quite low (2:2000) at least a positive approach towards them will definitely help them move forward.

The dire need is to involve them in the mainstream and overcome the hurdles they face in choosing programs or jobs they need to work upon.