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Canada in urgent need of workers at all levels!

Recent reports have shown that Canada has an immense shortage of laborers which is increasing every day at all levels of business groups, irrespective of their infrastructure or work arena. The number of jobs vacant amount to around 430,000 which is quite an astonishing number. Due to labor shortage Canada in urgent need of workers at all levels.

Canada in urgent need of workers at all levels

As Canada in urgent need of workers at all levels- CFIB Also Realizes the Pressure

Not only business groups, the chief economist of Canada Federation of Independent Business, Ted Mallett also find this rate of job vacancies very alarming. One of the causes for this is that the percentage of vacant places in different groups of business has shown a hike. The rate of jobs being vacant has also increased its percentage from 2.9% to 3.3%.

During the economic crisis of 2008, this ratio was taken out which has now exceeded and that is what is most bothering. Not only the CFIB, but agencies of the Canadian government also noted the pressure of employers who are finding it difficult to solve the problem.

Can Immigration help overcome the situation?

It has also been duly noted that steps have been taken by Quebec’s management by easing the immigration policy from before so that outsiders do not find it difficult to fulfill the criteria which were definitely very long and difficult. One is well aware of the fact that Quebec is most harmed by this job vacancy problem.

Quebec has mostly French-speaking population which also acts as a hindrance to the job hunters who are unable to communicate properly with the civilians. Also, most immigrants lack the skills which are required for specific jobs. Even then the efforts of the prime minister, Justin Trudeau, cannot be ignored who is supporting the immigration easing process and trying to change situations so as to avoid the crisis which in turn will fill the vacant jobs in one way or the other.

With immigration, there come many needs that can only be fulfilled by the Canadian Government-

The need is not only to incorporate immigrants but also facilitate them with proper education opportunities because many of them come as students who are unable to mix with the domestic students due to language barriers and even the hoax of not belonging to the same economic level. This makes them leave their course incomplete but the loss is the lessening number of students who might have turned into successful skilled labors.


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