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Canada Permanent Residency made Easy-Follow the Steps to Get it

Canada is the popular destination for the immigrants to settle and get the permanent residency of the country. Canada Permanent Residency made Easy by the Canadian government if one simply follows the rules properly.

Canada Permanent Residency made Easy
Canada Permanent Residency made Easy-Follow the Steps to Get it

Canada Permanent Residency made Easy- Follow the Steps to Get it-

Below are the steps which show that how through Canada Permanent Resident Visa Process immigration could be applied for Canada-

  1. Educational credentials Assessment (ECA)

    In this, it shows that the candidate which are applying has the right qualification in terms of education to work and stay in Canada. It is necessary to prove that education is equivalent to that of Canada at each level. So it very important that ECA should be as per the World education services which could be applied online.

  1. Ability report of Language IELTS

    Through this, the candidate can give a good impression on the employers in Canada as well show the ability of language to the officers of immigration. If the candidate is having any problem in IELTS preparation by themselves then they could join any coaching institute for that. 

  1. Submission of application for express entry

    As the candidate is having all the documents it could be filled online. There are 3 important things which are required for immigration to Canada such as

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program
  • Canadian Experience Class
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program.

It is better to have the opinion from the expert of immigration that in which of the three, application will suit best. And also be assured that all the documents are complete and to be submitted with the application of immigration.

  1. Comprehensive Ranking System score-

To get into Canada CRS score is only which helps. As the profile of express entry is made then the score will be given on the basis of information provided. For the CRS scores the age, work experience, language ability, education, and many other things are considered. This will decide that whether you can go to Canada or not and it’s better to access the score before applying or you can improve the score also before applying so that could get the immigration.

  1. Improving CRS score

The score could be improved by doing various things such as –

  • A score of language to be improved

    It is very easy to improve the score of language by scoring higher in IELTS and get high points in it.

  • French- additional language always benefits

    Learn the language French as it will improve the score. It is only that you can speak the language but u do not have to master in that.

  • Educational qualification –Master’s degree will add up to the score

That candidates who are having a Masters degree have a high score. So any Master degree or a PG diploma could score you good for CRS score.

  • Work Experience

The person having more than 3 years of experience will have better chances to score well. Keep on working as a maximum experience you had will add benefit to the score.

  1. Provincial Nomination Programs (PNP)

    If the score is not good in the CRS then the next option is PNP. Before filling the actual application it is better to check the application of the province. Or get an advice from experts of immigration that which province is best for you.

  1. Express entry draw

    After all the procedure of application, a candidate has to wait for the result of express entry draw. If the CRS score is good then the invitation for the IRCC will be given. It usually takes around 15 days to get the result.

  1. Certificate of nomination

    After the ITA or PNP confirmation then the candidate could apply for the PR Visa which should be made within a span of 60 days as well as 30 days in terms of PNP.

  1. Documents required for immigration

    Different documents are required such as –

  • Proof of Identity
  • Documents of Educational Qualification
  • Work Experience
  • Passport which should be valid
  • Photographs recently taken
  • Canadian Employer (if any) the job letter by them
  • Other documents required

How long it will take to get the Canadian visa in hand?

There are various factors on which the visa of Canada depends such as the candidate belong to which nationality or for which application they applied for. There are different categories through which candidate could apply and depend on the category time varies for a visa. Mostly a private citizen takes an average time of around 6 till 12 months.


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