Starting a business in the US just made easy with these Work visa -Find out the List

There are different types of visa for the person who wants to enter the United States of America. All these Visa are being made not for the entrepreneurs. But collectively different visa could solve their purpose. These visas come under the different category and Starting a business in the US just made easy with these Work visa-

Starting a business in the US just made easy with these Work visa
Starting a business in the US just made easy with these Work visa -Find out the List

Starting a business in the US just made easy with these Work visa-

1. Temporary Visa – Person can Stay in the US for 90 days Without Visa

There are various countries which have a tie-up with the US for their waiver in the visa. This makes the citizen of that country visit in the US without a visa for a maximum 90 days. If they would like to stay for a longer period than 90 days they could go for a B1 Visa. 

  • B1 Visaentrepreneur can visit for commercial purposes on B1 visa

This visa would be helpful for the entrepreneurs those who want to Visit America for purpose of doing business. Those who wish to come to the US for commercial purpose or for meetings, sales, signings and many more. But it has a restriction that it would not allow the entrepreneurs to stay in the country. This is valid for around 6 months only and given on the basis of work in the country. 

2. Employment visa – most common form of visas use by entrepreneurs-

There are different types of employment visa such as – 

  • H1 B visa – Company Sponsored Visa

Those who had bachelor degree would get this visa but it is a temporary visa. Around 65 thousand types of visa are available under this. For the postgraduate who are doing from universities in the US, there is another 20 thousand visas are there. This is mainly for the companies who are well established. They need to take the visa on their employee’s behalf.

Restriction in this is that the entrepreneur itself could not take the visa for themselves. The entrepreneur needs to be hired as an employee by any investor. The main reason for this is that those the company could able to fire or hire as well as supervise the employees. For a maximum of 6 years, it can be renewed.

  • L-1 Visa – Internal Transfer of the employee to the US

It is formed for the transfer of employees from other parts of the world to the US. The entrepreneur needs to be an employee for at least a year of a foreign country. The validity of business is for one year and could be renewed seven times. It allows the spouse to have a work permit.

  • O-1 Visa –Award Winning Persons in the Special field get this Visa

It is not easy to get this visa. Those foreigners which have some special ability in different fields such as science, athletics, arts, etc., would get this. It needs to be acknowledged by the awards, prizes, etc. The person needs to show the wish to work in the US and length would be resolute by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

3. Financier Visa – invest and get the Green Card through this visa

It has two types of visa such as –

  • EB 5 Visa –Investment of $1 million is required for this visa

Under this visa, the entrepreneur would get a green card and they could become a permanent member of the US. In this, the spouse and children below the age of 21 years would get the citizenship. The criteria for it is that an entrepreneur needs to invest an amount of around $ 1 million for creating new business.

  • E2 Visa –  Investment has No Limits under this Visa

This is especially for those entrepreneurs who are setting their business in the US or investing a good amount in the country. There is no fixed limit for investing the money but it should be a big amount. This visa is renewed for around 5 years and can be taken as many times. But this would not get the permanent residency in the country.

4. Trainee Visa – For those who want to be Trained than to do work

  • J-1 Visa –Only for Training Purpose not to Set Business

This visa is given to those who had been selected for the program such as studying, teaching, research training, receive medical education, and many more under the US. The visa would be approved until the course or program would be there. This visa would help in training purpose of an entrepreneur but would not give an opportunity to set up the business in the US.

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