Germany’s regime of flexibility for the Job-Seekers

Germany, one of the most powerful countries in Europe is not only rich in natural beauty but is also endowed with a prosperous financial economy. With the rate of growth and low rate of unemployment, it is a paradise for the job seekers. The country also offers free education to its residents to boost their knowledge and develop their intellect. Let’s see Germany’s regime of flexibility for the Job-Seekers.

Germany’s regime of flexibility for the Job-Seekers
Germany’s regime of flexibility for the Job-Seekers

Germany is an ideal country for those corporate job-seekers who picture themselves on a fast track of development. The success rate of such individuals for scoring a job of their choice is quite high. To bolster the rate of unemployment, the country has set-up a special provision for the job-seekers, i.e. introduction of “Germany job-seeker Visa”.

Let’s dig deep into the Germany job seeker visa

Job seeker visa acts as a long-term residency permit which allows an individual to stay in the country for a maximum period of Six months until they find a suitable job for themselves. A legit work-visa/work-permit is given if a person is able to score a job of his choice and visa grants the right to reside in the country. However, the job-seeker visa doesn’t really allow a person to start working immediately, it just grants the privilege to reside in the country and look for a job.

In order to get the Visa, a person needs to be –

  1. Eligible to apply
  2. Must possess all the documents required
  3. Fill the application form and book a Visa appointment

Eligibility Criteria for the applicants who have applied for Germany job seeker visa

A visa-seeker must possess the following-

  1.  A bachelor or Master’s Degree from a German University or an equivalent foreign degree to justify educational qualification.
  2. Have a minimum 5-years of experience in the related field of study.
  3. Have a proof of minimum funds in the account to support the stay during the probation period in Germany
  4. Must have a travel or medical insurance

Only after fulfilling the above-mentioned criteria, a person is eligible to apply for the Visa and is just one step closer to actually get the visa.

Documents Required for the Work Visa for Germany-

A set of documents need to be attached with the application. One needs to be fully cautious while attaching the documents as any discrepancy might lead to rejection of the application.

Here is a checklist of documents needs to obtain the Visa –

  1. A valid Passport (issued in past 10years and must be valid for at least 12 months after the date of your scheduled return)
  2. A photocopy of the passport’s data page.
  3. 3-Passport sized pictures based on biometric specifications.
  4. A statement stating the purpose of visit and the ideal plan to settle in the country.
  5. Proof of qualification from a German or Non-German university as well as certificates of experience from previous jobs.
  6. Detailed Curriculum Vitae.
  7. Proof of accommodation and availability of funds to back-up the cost of a stay in Germany by showing one of the following documents – Formal obligation letter by sponsor or Bank account statement or blocked bank account; any of the following would suffice.
  8. Proof of Health insurance and Personal status in the home country by one of the following documents – Birth Certificate, Marriage certificate.

After fulfilling the mandatory requirements, an application needs to be filed at the center along with two sets of these documents.

The decision of granting the visa lies in the hands of the consular officer and hence filing of application supported by documents will not really give you the assurance of getting the visa. Additional Documents can be asked by the German Embassy.

The final step is work permit-Germany

The final and the main step is to fill out the application form and delivered it to the German Embassy. Schedule a date for an interview. Job seeker visa is not a work permit, it only allows you to stay in Germany and start searching for the job. Within the 6 months of the visa, you should apply for the work visa to continue working in Germany.


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